Live stream of Ambulance callouts in Queensland

The Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) are providing the public with an amazing opportunity to track Ambulance call outs and find out about cases in real-time via their Ambulance deployment map and Twitter account.

Whether you’re looking at becoming a paramedic, are interested in the industry or just want to find out what is happening in your local community, these platforms give you the ability to feel like you’re riding along in the Ambulance.

QAS Twitter – Ambulance callouts

With over 26,000 posts, the QAS Twitter account gives real-time updates on each Ambulance call out in Queensland. Giving information on the reason for deployment, patient condition, patient age, location and whether transportation is needed, this platform allows the Queensland community to become involved in this lifesaving public service.

QAS Ambulance Availability MapLive stream of Ambulance callouts

In 2014 the QAS introduced a great piece of software that allows the public to track all of their vehicles and map their movements across the state in real time, to within 50 metres. Whilst specific location data is withheld to preserve patient confidentiality, this platform allows people to click on a certain area on the map and view the available resources that are around them at any given time.

View the website here. 

Become a State Ambulance Paramedic

If working as a State Ambulance Paramedic is your goal, then a Degree is required. Whilst we don’t offer this qualification, we do provide an alternative pathway to a university degree for those who did not have the opportunity to do so. Completing one of our courses and gaining credit point towards your degree will ensure you begin working in the industry sooner and could even save you time and money!


What is your career journey?

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