APC Paramedical Student Workshop – The Stair Chair

APC Paramedical Student Workshop – The Stair Chair


Australian Paramedical College trainer and educator Ronnie is leading the stair chair practical demonstration at one of the clinical workshops on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

We needed a volunteer to act as the patient and of course, APC’s Ben is always up for a challenge and has been nominated to experience the ride.

Let’s see how he feels being in the patient’s shoes as we traverse the very steep staircase leading into APC’s head office and clinical campus!

Ben: Ronnie, so can you tell me a bit about this piece of equipment and what the students are doing?

Ronnie: Sure. So, at the moment they’re just practicing and getting familiarised with this stair chair. So, it’s a usual piece of equipment that emergency services use.

Ben: So, Lydia, can you tell me what you’re doing now? What is this piece of equipment and what are you doing?

Lydia: So, this is a stair chair and we’re just practicing getting used to them and taking everyone down the stairs for a turn.

Ben: Who are you going to push down the stairs? Lydia: I think you can go first. Ben: Me? Lydia: Yeah.

Ben: That wasn’t part of the plan. These are steep stairs. I’m pretty sure these are steeper stairs than normal ones. What’s the most important thing when you’re strapping somebody in?

Ronnie: That it’s nice and firm, not too tight that it compromises the airways and breathing, but tight enough that they’re not going to go flying down the stairs.

Ben: Yep, I recommend. Kristy: So, Ben what we need to do is get you down these stairs now. It’s perfectly safe. You’re in a stair chair but what’s going to happen, you are going to tilt back slightly. When you do that we just need to keep your hands in. Try not to reach out and grab anything. Just sit there. Just cool, calm, collected.

Ben: All right.

Lydia: We’ve got you. Ben: It’s a lot more comfortable than I thought it would be. Woo-hoo. It wasn’t that bad. That was pretty good. I think I was in good hands.


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