APC Student Speak – Meet Jessica Forbes

APC Student Speak – Meet Jessica Forbes


Meet Jessica, one of our amazing students who is studying the HLT51020 – Diploma of Emergency Healthcare at Australian Paramedical College.

“If you’re considering studying with APC, I’ve found it really good. It’s a really good option, especially if you want to go onto uni.”

Jessica echoes the voice of those who choose to put in the effort, time and work to lay down a solid foundation for a long and engaging career in prehospital emergency heath care. She describes how she has been very proactive in her working career to date. She has clear goals and vision about her future career, which was either in the Australian Police, or working as an Ambulance Paramedic with a State Ambulance Service.

“I’m from the Sunny Coast (Queensland) and I’ve done pretty much everything in pharmacy besides being a pharmacist. I’ve always wanted to do something in the emergency services. So, for me it was either paramedics or police. I just wanted to help people.”

Workshop one’s been really good. I’m very practical, hands-on person, so it’s just consolidated everything that I’ve learned online and I’m really actually learning the skills a bit better than I would if I was just reading them.”

“But online was just easier for me to fit in to everything that also I was doing. So that’s been really good and keep me working full time, because I couldn’t afford to go to uni yet.”

“I do want to be a paramedic in the ambulances. So, I picked the (HLT51020) Diploma of Emergency Health Care qualification to use as a pathway into university, which I’ll join next year (hopefully!!)”

“I’d like to go into rescue eventually, but that is like a long-term career because that’s even a lot more training. If you’re considering studying with APC, I’ve found it really good.”

“It’s a really good option, especially if you want to go onto university. It just fits into your schedule and how you want to study.”

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HLT51020 – Diploma of Emergency Health Care

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