APC Students Speak – Clinical Placement in Mining


APC Students Speak – Clinical Placement in Mining


Our APC students talk about their clinical placement experiences in the mining sector!




APC Students Speak – Clinical Placement in Mining


Our APC students talk about their clinical placement experiences in the mining sector!



Our students Ian and Vickie talk us through their clinical placement experience at a Western Australian gold mine. Clinical placement is an essential component of their HLT51015 – Diploma of Paramedical Science training, as it is here where they get to finally put their theory into practise!

This is an in-depth overview of how they applied the knowledge and tactile skills they acquired in the clinical workshops when they were on site. Whilst undertaking their placement they encountered real-life situations, although a supervisor/mentor was always close by to assist.

Here’s what Ian and Vickie had to say:

Ian Peacock: “The things I’ve being exposed to, on placement, you’re just looking at an emergency situation from a completely different angle. Former APC student Nathan Seidel supervises APC students for placement at a Gold Mine in WA.”

Vickie Watts: “I got to experience call outs of a night. We had 15 patients in the one week well, I got to do a lot of skills and assessing and yeah, it was just amazing.”

Ian: “I think the skills learned at workshop one helped me deal with it. That is the main thing, but all sorts of other theory that you think, oh, I’ve forgotten a lot of things, but when you’re put in a situation, it all comes back to you. And as Kristy and Jens always said, if you remember your ABCs, everything else falls into place.”

Vickie:Nathan, He was my team leader over there, my go-to man. He was just amazing. He stood beside me while I was assessing and everything, just coaxed and it was just wonderful.”

Ian: “Always work within your scope of practice, but don’t be afraid to get in and take control. Because you’ve always got somebody there that’s more qualified than you while you’re doing your placement. So that’s just given me an insight into what happens as an ESO (Emergency Services Officer) and that’s where I’m heading once I’ve qualified.”

Vickie: “APC allowed that to happen for me up there and they did all the work associated, made me feel all comfortable. You must do it. It’s a must-do experience.”


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