APC Students Speak – Work Life, Study and Parenthood


APC Students Speak – Work Life, Study and Parenthood


Our mature students discuss their study challenges whilst being a parent and working full-time.




APC Students Speak – Work Life, Study and Parenthood


APC mature students discuss their study challenges in the face of being a parent and working full-time.


Our mature age students Vanessa, Yvette, Timothy, Renata and Justine talk about how they prioritise themselves to balance the time between studying and family responsibilities.

Being a parent is the most responsible and fulfilling job on the planet. For those of us who are parents already, we understand the challenges of caring for our loved ones and yet also making sure we too are doing what’s best for our own future and career.

Here you see just how positive our students are about their choice to study paramedicine in pursuit to create the future they want for themselves.

Renata: “I’ve got two boys, one’s six years old and one twelve. It is challenging studying and looking after your family and work at same time. But with the college we can just discipline ourselves and find the right time to do your study a little bit every day.”

Justine: “I’m a single mom to two teenage children. They’ve got after-school activities, my son also works. I was working as well casually and trying to fit it all in.”

Timothy: “I’ve got three young kids. I’ve got three under three, how I balanced that with work, so I work a Monday to Friday job. I just wait until the kids had gone to bed and then I’d study through for at least a couple of hours a night.”

Yvette: “A general week for me would be I’m working four days a week. I have two kids at school, they’re pre-teens, so they’re a little bit older, so it’s a little bit easier, but they still have, you know, after-school activities and all that and I only get two days off a week, so I just make sure I put those days aside. They’re my study days. I kind of told myself before I started the course that that’s my two days a week and head down, bum up kind of thing and just get stuck in and try to get this done.”

Vanessa: “I spend quite a bit of time with my grandchildren and my children, so trying to fit that in has been quite hard, but I’ve managed to do it.”

Renata: “The moment that Mommy said, I am studying, mommy is studying. So that’s how it works in my house.”

Justine: “I did a couple of weeks where I just put absolutely everything into the kids and my study and I’ve been out, I was exhausted, so I had to make some changes, so you do need to have a bit of a work-life balance as well.”

Yvette: “I actually looked back the other day and just went oh my god, I can actually do this and, you know, it’s been a long time since I’ve been at school, so yes you can do it as long as you’re organised and just balance, balancing out and prioritising.”

Children don’t stay little for long, and as the world continues to move ever so fast – it’s time to work towards that fulfilling career you’ve always dreamed of !

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