Aussie paramedics in high demand overseas

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Australian paramedics are well trained, we can all agree on that. So much so that over the past few years, there has been a steady stream of paramedics plucked from our shores and taken off to far away destinations. It’s a trend that looks likely to continue for some time as European countries, especially the United Kingdom struggle to meet their emergency health care demands.

London Ambulance Service recruiters are expected to once again come to Australia with  the job of convincing our most qualified paramedics (and even APC Diploma of Paramedical Science -qualified graduates) to come back to the UK and work.

The reason the London Ambulance Service wants Aussie Paramedics and Diploma-qualified APC graduates is because training here in Australia is considered to be the best in the world. A spokesman for the LAS said Australian paramedics have a high level of professionalism and are top quality people.

There are already droves of young paramedics (over 400) who are working in the big cities like London – and they’re having a ball. To be working in such a busy environment is a buzz for Brisbane based paramedic Sian Middleton, who is regularly seen racing around the city of London attending to emergency situations.

Having the allure of European destinations but an hour’s flight or so away is also a huge bonus for London-based paramedics.

“More of my paramedic colleagues are heading over here”, said Sian, “it’s just too good an opportunity to miss”.

Healthy competition between the NSW and QLD Ambulance Service and London is heating up, with Australian ambulance bosses becoming quite concerned at the number of paramedics fleeing the shores in search of careers. This has once again shown that becoming a paramedic has many, many opportunities for motivated people who search for variety and adventure in their work.

Becoming a paramedic opens up the way for an exciting and life-changing career that can take you anywhere your imagination lets you dream of.

How to become a Paramedic with the London Ambulance Service.

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