Becoming an Ambulance Paramedic in Victoria

Becoming a Paramedic is your passport to a medical career marked by adventure and rewarding experiences. It requires those who have a compassionate and caring disposition, coupled with a courageous and calm demeanor in the face of unpredictable circumstances.

When becoming a Paramedic, it goes without saying that your days are truly unpredictable. You could be rushing to the scene of an car accident in the morning and responding to an injury at your local sports ground later that afternoon.

Given the considerable variety of situations that you will be required to attend, it is crucial that those interested in working in pre-hospital emergency health care receive the recognised qualifications by way of recognised training courses.

Ambulance Paramedic skills

In addition to being thoroughly trained in advance life support systems, becoming an Ambulance Paramedic means proficiency in performing clinical procedures, administer essential drugs and being able to maintain patient records.

You will need impeccable communication skills, high levels of EQ when conversing with patients who may be in shock. Paramedics also collaborate and communicate with other emergency workers and health professionals such as Police, Fire and hospital triage staff and attending doctors at patient handover.

Quite often the decisive action that Ambulance Paramedics take can mean the difference between life and death for the patient. They must also swiftly decide on the most appropriate hospital  or medical facility to transport their patients to, should they need advanced medical care.

As you can ascertain, the qualifications and skills commensurate with becoming a paramedic highlights a sort of ‘hero status’ within the realm of emergency response workers. Each day Paramedics are tasked to provide life-saving medical care to the public. They are well-equipped, well-prepared and ready to take on anything.

It is no wonder that paramedics are considered to be Australia’s most trusted profession. There is probably no job that is more satisfying or rewarding than becoming a Paramedic.

Pre-hospital emergency health care training

The Australian Paramedical College can help you realise your dream of becoming a Paramedic or a medic in the private sector.

On offer is a range of Nationally Recognised qualifications that are affordable and flexible. They are perfect for those who wish to explore the world of pre-hospital emergency health care.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector qualifications will allow graduates to work in the private sector in the capacity of Basic Life Support Medic. The highest level qualification before university is the HLT51015 – Diploma of Paramedical Science. This popular qualification also provides graduates with a pathway into university to study the Bachelor of Paramedic Science degree.

The Diploma can, and has proved to deliver course credits for graduates who wish to continue their education at university.

The degree is required to be eligible to apply for the position of Ambulance Paramedic. To be registered as a recognised health care practitioner, it is a requirement to have attained the degree from a recognised university. Although, there are a number of universities offering the degree, there are some important considerations to be aware of.

What is your career journey?

To discover how you can become a fully qualified Ambulance Paramedic or Basic/Advanced Life Support Medic, complete a personalised paramedical career development plan.