Certificate III in Non-Emergency Client Transport: What is this course?

What is a Certificate III in Non-Emergency Client Transport?

Before you can determine which course you enrol in and whether or not you should complete a Certificate III in Non-Emergency Client Transport, Certificate IV in Health Care or Diploma of Paramedical Science it is important to first understand what they involve and the potential the career opportunities.

Essentially, a Certificate III in Non-Emergency Client Transport involves basic paramedic training that is required for anyone wishing to be a Patient Transport Officer (PTO), Patient Transport Attendant (PTA) or Ambulance Transport Officer (ATO).

As this industry becomes more competitive, we suggest looking at the Certificate IV in Health Care as an entry level course, as this is a higher level qualification offering greater opportunities for employment.

What is a Client Transport officer?

Whether you become a Patient Transport Officer or Ambulance Transport Officer with a state ambulance service, or you work for a private company that provides medical transport services, you will gain valuable experience in the paramedic industry.

Patient Transport Officers provide an incredible service that greatly alleviates the pressure on the health services within Australia. Since the nature of the transport is usually pre-booked, PTO’s are able to free up other more highly skilled paramedics to attend to emergency situations as they occur.

Wherever there are events involving high-risk activities or large numbers of participants or spectators, PTO’s may be required to provide on-site paramedic standby services. These are just some of the environments that PTO’s and other non-emergency transport workers can find themselves working in:

  • Sporting Events
  • Film and Television Productions
  • Festivals and Concerts
  • Holiday Celebrations (New Years Eve etc…)
  • Camping Facilities

Complete Your Certificate IV in Health Care with Australian Paramedical College

Now that you know the great value that Patient Transport Officers provide to the health service industry of Australia, consider completing your Certificate IV in Health Care with the Australian Paramedical College.

The course duration is flexible depending on your schedule, with many completing it within 18 months. Your Certificate IV in Health Care with the Australian Paramedical College is also nationally recognised and future applicants may be eligible to be awarded RPL or credit transfer depending on whether they have any recent industry experience or possess existing qualifications.

To speak with a course advisor today call the Australian Paramedical College on (07) 5520 2522.

NOTE: The Certificate III in Non-emergency Patient Transport qualification is not offered by the Australian Paramedical College at this time.

What is your career journey?

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