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Do you want to become a 2018 Commonwealth Games paramedic? With the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you can become involved.

It goes without saying that becoming a Commonwealth Games paramedic requires a high level of medical training allowing you to respond to and provide world-class medical care to the worlds best athletes. Almost every sport involves some type of medical risk, meaning the organisers will be ensuring that accredited 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games paramedics are on hand at all times.

As a 2018 Commonwealth Games paramedic, what injuries will I see?

The Commonwealth and Olympic Games is the pinnacle of an athletes career and whilst they don’t plan on anything going wrong within their race, game or routine there is the unavoidable risk of injury or illness.

Whilst most injuries are minor, and in the form of an ache or strain, some can be horrific and potentially end an athletes career. For an example, at the recent Olympic Games a French gymnast suffered a horrific leg break during a Vault attempt and an Armanian weightlifter dislocated his elbow whilst performing a 77kg clean and jerk. We also saw a Dutch cyclist fracture three vertebrae and suffer a major concussion after a horrific crash in the road race.

As a Commonwealth Games paramedic you will be the first responder to many of these unique accidents. There will be a paramedic stationed at every sport and on every corner, ready to deal with any type of situation.

Communication as a 2018 Commonwealth Games paramedic

Another important consideration as a Commonwealth Games paramedic is your ability to communicate. With athletes from 71 countries competing, it is almost inevitable you will have to treat someone who speaks a different language. Whilst they might be able to converse in limited English, the universal language of most athletes, you will need to be able to be utilise other communication skills to appropriately diagnose and treat their injury or illness.

APC student joins Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games paramedic team

The Australian Paramedical College is dedicated to providing training of the highest standard, and with one of our students already gaining employment within the 2018 Commonwealth Games paramedic team as the ‘Medical Organiser’ we are confident more of our students can also become involved.

With the organising committee projecting more than 1000 employees and 15,000 volunteer roles to be filled by 2018, there are going to be numerous opportunities to join the team and call yourself a Commonwealth Games paramedic. By visiting the GC2018 website, you can keep an eye on specific job openings or fill out an expression of interest form to become an employee or volunteer.

Visit the offical Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games website here.

Becoming a Paramedic with the Australian Paramedical College

Are you interested in pursuing a career as a paramedic? Are you curious as to what is required for becoming a paramedic in all fields of emergency medical care and transport? Would you like to become an Olympic or Commonwealth Games paramedic in the future? To find out whether the excitement and challenge of becoming a paramedic is a suitable career for you, call the Australian Paramedical College on (07) 5520 2522.


Why become a Paramedic?

‘Working with people of all walks of life’

“Having the ability to help others and job satisfaction of helping others and working in a healthy team environment.”
– APC Paramedic student

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