Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance (HLT50407): Course Overview

What is the HLT50407 -Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance?

IMPORTANT: This course has been superseded by the HLT51015 – Diploma of Paramedical Science.

The information contained in this article has been superseded. It may not be relevant to today’s requirements. Please click on the link above to learn more about the current diploma.

The paramedic course known as the Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance is the qualifying course for a career in the private and/or non-emergency transport of injured or ill patients.

Whether you find employment in the private or public sector, completing the Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance paramedic course is required for many jobs. This comprehensive paramedic course offers clinical training as well as essential non-medical skills that are essential to becoming a good paramedic.

Here is a summary of the topics and units that you will cover should you decide to enroll in the Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance course:

  • Implementation of Safe Access and Egress in Emergency Situations
  • Ability to Conduct Clinical Assessments
  • Delivery of Standard Clinical Care
  • Development of Communication Skills in Complex or Challenging Circumstances
  • How to Manage Personal Stressors in the Workplace
  • Organisational Effectiveness in the Health and Medical Industry
  • Recognise, Assess and Manage Workplace Health and Safety Risk in Your Own Work
  • Provide Quality Emergency Care
  • Effective Management at the Scene of an Emergency
  • Transportation Emergency Patients
  • Work Within the Confines of Relevant Legal and Ethical Framework
  • Work Well With Culturally Diverse Patients and Colleagues
  • Protocols for Safe Rescue of Patients in Life Threatening Emergencies
  • Experience in Rescue Operations
  • Cultivate Effective and Healthy Workplace Relationships
  • Procedures for Routine Safe Removal of Patients
  • Communicate with Patients and Workmates to Enhance Health Care Services
  • Transportation Non-emergency Patients During Operational Conditions
  • Identify and Assess Physical Health Status of Patients
  • Comply with Procedures for Infection Control Protocols and Policies
  • Overall Contribution to Workplace Health and Safety Processes


Completing your Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance (HLT50407) with the Australian Paramedical College

The advantaged of completing your Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance with the Australian Paramedical College is that you can complete much of the course curriculum at your own pace through their e-Learning component.

In addition, there will be opportunity to learn these and many other skills in the classroom with experienced paramedic instructors. There are also opportunities to put your learning to the test through clinical placements.

Speak to a Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance course advisor today on (07) 5520 2522, and discover why thousands of Australians are choosing the Australian Paramedical College for their paramedic training needs.

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