Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance (HLT50407): Private Career Opportunities

IMPORTANT: This qualification has been superseded by the HLT51015 – Diploma of Paramedical Science.

There is a growing need today of people with the Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance paramedical qualifications to provide a high level of paramedic care and patient transportation.

HLT50407 – Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance Career Opportunities

The more notable careers resulting from the completion of the Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance include Ambulance Paramedic, Ambulance Officer and Ambulance Transport Attendant.

What does that really mean? Essentially, there are countless private companies that provide the highest quality of paramedic care to the general public, as well as in high-risk industries and large-scale events. Within these companies are several paramedic positions that qualified individuals can apply for. In most cases, a Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance is the ideal qualification to fulfill these paramedic roles.

Below are two examples of private paramedic careers that recognise or require the Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance:

Private Ambulance Service Paramedics

In many parts of Australia the state ambulance services rely on the complimentary role of private ambulance companies to provide a comprehensive emergency transport and paramedic care of its citizens.

For instance, in rural communities, there may not be the public funding available to establish a state ambulance station. In this case a private company is desperately needed. If you have a Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance you are in a great position to get a job with these private ambulance companies.

Also, in high population areas, where the need for paramedics is extremely high, there are several private ambulance companies that operate to ease the strain on the public and state ambulance services. Many people agree that these private companies provide a crucial service to the community with the highest stand or pre-hospital emergency care employed. Again, if you live in a high population area and are looking for a paramedic job, obtaining the Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance is vital.

Mining & Other High-risk Industry Paramedics

It is no secret that those who work in the mining industry have extremely high-risk jobs. This is also true of many other industries such as the oil and gas industry, large-scale construction industry, and other such industries. We know that many health and safety risks are par for the course in these industries.

In addition to implementing high standards and procedures to minimise these health and safety risks, these companies are increasingly hiring paramedics that can respond when emergency strikes and provide the life-saving medical care that may be needed. Individuals who possess a Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance are strong candidates for these paramedic positions.

Because of the high risk that is involved in working in these industries, coupled with the isolated locations for many positions (rural, long work rotations away from family, etc…) these careers can often be very financially rewarding.

If you would like to explore your private paramedic career or start a Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance, contact the Australian Paramedical College today on (07) 5520 2522. The Australian Paramedical College is a leading paramedic training college offering a number of nationally recognised health care courses. It’s time to discover how completing a Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance could change your life.


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