Diploma Student Speak – Matthew Delicata

Diploma Student Speak – Matthew Delicata


Meet our Diploma of Paramedical Science student Matthew Delicata talking about his experience studying through APC!

APC student Matt Delicata wanted to work in fire rescue but had a previous work injury which limited his career options. Matt is now studying the (HLT51015) Diploma of Paramedical Science and is following his dreams to work with emergency services.

His dream is to become an Ambulance Paramedic by studying a Bachelor of Paramedical Science at university.

“I’m Matt, from Wollongong, and I’m studying the (HLT51015) Diploma of Paramedical Science through APC.”

“I knew from a young age I never wanted to be behind a desk. Always doing a new thing every day. Never being bored. Helping people.”

(HLT51015) Diploma of Paramedical Science

“Originally, I wanted to get into fire rescue, but in my last job I injured my knee, and I couldn’t do that anymore. So, I still wanted to stick with the emergency services, and I’ve always enjoyed first aid, figured I’d give this a go.”

“So, I want to join state paramedics, and that’s a goal at this point in time.”

“I couldn’t get into uni straight away. I hadn’t done my ATAR. I couldn’t afford it back in the day, and so this was a good steppingstone. APC’s been really helpful, sort of getting me to this stage.”

“The workshops’s really good. Trainers are all great. What most of this workshop is about is the basics: your A’s, your B’s, your C’s. Your primary survey.”

“I was a bit concerned, studying online, at the start. But it’s been really good being able to do it at my own pace.”

“Good experience. I made the right choice.”


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