What to expect from Paramedic training

What you can expect from our Paramedic training

The Australian Paramedical College is the largest pre-hospital emergency health care training college in Australia and our results make us proud. We have delivered life-changing outcomes for our students and we would like to offer you the same result.

We invite passionate people to join us to allow you to follow your dream to make a difference in your life and to the lives of others.

Your contract

We offer you a contract which is binding on so many levels; especially on a personal level whereby we will provide you with the education to become a well-respected professional possessing high-level knowledge in the field of paramedic practice.

Our nationally recognised pre-hospital emergency care training courses are delivered by way of a purpose-built, easy-to-use online learning portal that specifically caters to the learning needs of paramedical students. No matter what your age or current level of knowledge around paramedic practice, you will be given every opportunity to excel in this field of training.

Online Training

As a student of the College, you will be learning in a user-friendly online environment where you will access the full suite of paramedical learning materials, quizzes and assessments in one convenient location.

Online study is now even easier with internal support features pre-built into the system with help and assistance just a mouse click away.
We diligently built the online learning system with one purpose in mind; to make online paramedical training more engaging, stimulating and above all – as easy to use as possible.

As you work through your course curriculum, you are building intelligence around paramedical practice. Intelligence will bring to you a better understanding of life and opportunities because you are now, by nature, acutely aware of what you’ve learned and you will naturally be on the hunt for new experiences which allow you to become a better learner.

Recalling information becomes habit forming, which in itself is a trait that makes you a better person because of the process involved in repetition.

Clinical assessment

You will also be taking part in clinical assessments throughout your training, at locations in QLD, NSW and VIC. A mix of practical and real-world scenario workshops will simulate what you could expect when coming face to face with situations in the community. Being well-prepared when training for the transition into the unpredictable world of emergency care medics is something you will never forget. You will be given every opportunity to show your true character, make those improvements in your skill and mindset that you’ve always wished you could achieve, but never really had the opportunity to do so.

Your talent as a emergency health care professional will be developed, expanded and will unfold before your very eyes. You will astound yourself at what you will achieve. It will not be too long before you will realise you are now part of the paramedical tradition; a tradition that will hold you in high esteem among your friends, family and in your community.

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A purpose-driven life

When you decide for yourself to lead a self-responsible life of purpose and focus – you grow in personal wisdom. Wisdom being that inner knowledge you externalise in so many ways to gain respect and trust from everyone you meet. As a paramedic, you naturally treat others with kindness, respect and courtesy; and as you apply these human qualities, you add a wealth of experience to your emotional bank account.


Integrity – what is it, how do you recognise it and when you do, how do you apply it to benefit your life? Your integrity is the foundation on which you build and conduct yourself in this life. Paramedics have a high standard of integrity where they always make ethical actions and decisions.

Application to study

By applying to study with the Australian Paramedical College, you recognise your intention to change your life, to act differently in the future, to shed the old you and make the promise to yourself to create a life of self-responsibility and purpose.

Choosing this pathway, means you automatically become an action-based person and commit yourself to develop and maintaining high standards of excellence. The degree to which you stand firm in your own conviction and beliefs and assume personal responsibility for what you say and do, determines the next phase of your life.

Striving to be the best person you can be and devoting the next chapter in your life to developing paramedical knowledge and building a solid career is critical to your success. As you develop on a personal level it will become crystal clear that something is changing within you.

You will begin to feel more significance in your life as well as making a positive difference to those who you will interact with in the future. With confidence building as your training develops, you now have the will, the way and the means to bring real meaning to the lives of those people whose life you will positively impact in the most meaningful ways.

Our promise to you

  • You will develop a vast array of paramedical and social skills from the training that will be delivered to you.
  • You will naturally build on your current skill sets and knowledge you already possess
  • You will develop greater powers of observation and become more aware of your environment and become apt at assessing your environment and think like a medical professional.
  • You will develop intelligence gained from the knowledge you will be given
  • This training will prepare you well for working in the pre-hospital emergency health care sector
  • You will set yourself high standards and goals as you progress through this course
  • You will enjoy a well-balanced blend of theory and clinical practice as the course progresses
  • You will learn how to be more resourceful to help you learn smarter and faster
  • You will be encouraged to push yourself to new levels of achievement and to understand that everyone is there to help you achieve your outcomes
  • You will be encourage at all times to ask questions and approach your trainers whenever you feel help with understanding the course materials
  • Your student success team will be always available to assist with helping you effectively use the online learning platform
  • You will be encouraged to leave constructive feedback as your course develops
  • You will learn how to collaborate and work effectively with other people in new and remarkable ways
  • No matter what your current educational level, or how you perceive your own learning abilities, we will give you the encouragement to succeed
  • We will deliver to you realistic and lifelike clinical scenarios to prepare you thoroughly for those situations that challenge you on so many levels
  • You will enjoy unlimited educational and emotional support from trainers and support staff who will clearly explain things to you when your motivation may slow down
  • You will be working with the most up-to-date equipment, facilities and materials to allow you to become familiar with what you will encounter when you’re out there working in the field
  • We will always make every effort to make your learning experience interesting and engaging
  • We will give you a clear plan to keep you on track and focused in your paramedical studies
  • We will always offer you flexibility to adjust you training schedule to fit around your lifestyle needs

Your promise to us

  • You will choose to move forward every day, growing and learning to become the best version of yorself
  • You will not get discouraged if you are struggling with a question or unit
  • You will contact our friendly student support team with any problems or concerns you have
  • You will accept that is is OK to ask for help

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What is your career journey?

To discover how you can become a fully qualified Ambulance Paramedic or Basic/Advanced Life Support Medic, complete a personalised paramedical career development plan.