History of Australian Paramedical College

History of Australian Paramedical College

CEO, Pete Evans

Prior to owning the Australian Paramedical College, CEO Pete Evans had years of experience across several different industries. Along with being a professional sportsman (Ironman champion), Pete was a professional Lifeguard for 12 years.

During the winter months as a lifeguard, which are typically very quiet on the beaches, Pete would read books about business management, entrepreneurship and leadership.

From there he made a snap decision to move to regional QLD to work in the mines. He was often asked by his mates back home, “How do I get a job in the mines?”. So, instead of answering the question over and over again, he used his spare time to practice building websites with information specific to getting a job in the mines. His website also made recommendations to training companies where people can get the necessary certifications required for working in the mines.

His websites were doing really well, so he decided to take the next step into actually having his own training company. By fate, he found a training company for sale which predominately offered Mine Certifications but it also had a small portion of Paramedical qualifications.

As the mining industry naturally decreased in Australia, he started to see the Paramedical side of the business increase. From there he focused on growing the Paramedical side by developing the curriculum and hiring some support staff. The Paramedical college started with just 5 staff in a small makeshift office and since then we have grown to have a purpose-built state-of-the-art facility located in Burleigh Heads, Queensland.

Our state-of-the-art facility comes packed with modern equipment used by practising paramedics and our students are guided and trained by registered Paramedics with extensive experience.

In the video above, you will hear CEO Pete Evans explain that as the college started to grow and take on more students, he realised that students were using our course as a pathway into university. To become a registered paramedic, you must complete the Bachelor’s degree – but this can be difficult to get into if you didn’t receive the right grades in school. Many of our students use our Diploma of Paramedical Science as a pathway into the Bachelors’ degree.

We ensured that our curriculum was suitable for our students to easily transition into university. Click here to hear from a Senior Paramedical Lecturer from CSU who says that APC students excel in his classes.

Australian Paramedical College today has a full office of support staff, all there to support our students through their career-changing studies. You can learn some more about the APC Team here.

Our courses are nationally recognised and prepare students for a career in pre-hospital health care via flexible online learning solutions that are supported and developed by Clinical Workshops and Clinical Placements. You can learn more about our hands-on Clinical Workshops here.

What is your career journey?

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