Interviewing Paramedical Students – Rhiannon Gallatly

Interviewing Paramedical Students – Rhiannon Gallatly


Interviewing Paramedical Student Rhiannon Gallatly and discussing her journey through APC and plan for the future!


To summarise Rhiannon’s thoughts on study and her future pathway;

  • “Thought I’d give that a go and see where it could lead me and led me to my bachelor”
  • “You’re not stuck in an office, you’re not stuck in the same building with the same people every day”
  • “It’s so unpredictable and it’s exciting work”
  • “Quite an evolution of skill and knowledge in a very short amount of time”
  • “It’s a challenging job that I’m very excited to hopefully be a part of soon”
  • “Cert IV trains you for and it just made that progression a lot smoother and easier”
  • “I had no idea that this is where I’d be, but I’m pretty happy it’s where I’ve ended up”

Rhiannon, now in her final year of the Bachelor of Paramedic Science at Victoria University, tells us some interesting facts about her placement/work experiences.

Amazingly, Rhiannon was chosen with 12 other students to go to the U.S. and Canada to complete here workplace training – which is an essential part of a paramedical training course.

Taking in the sights of New York, Toronto and Vancouver as well as completing numerous shifts with ambulance and emergency response crews, Rhiannon found the whole experience to be, in her own words “incredible”.

During the placement part of their training, students get to put into practice, the theory they learn along the way. Being open to new experiences is part of the skill-set of a Paramedic and just being able to see how the hospital system works and how the extended skills of Paramedics in Canada and the U.S. differ from Australia.

Rhiannon believes clinical placement (400 hours over 3 years) was absolutely critical to the development of her career. Learning from just watching the other crew member you work with and being accepted by them is a real confidence-booster.

Being able to talk with real patients is also valuable. As a pathway into the degree, the Cert IV training really helped Rhiannon to gain the confidence to see it through.

As a stepping stone into university studies, having some knowledge and recognised qualification definitely made the whole process less stressful and more manageable. it definitely prepares you for university.

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