Mad cow chases English nurse into barbed wire

Paramedics airlift English nurse who broke her leg whilst being chased by cows in the English Cotswolds countryside.

A day in the life of a Paramedic can be as unpredictable as the weather; maybe that’s the attraction of the job. One thing is for sure, becoming a Paramedic will bring a wide range of challenges and unexpected events.

This recent news article appeared in a local English country newspaper. It revolves around Sarah Hammond,  a nurse who went for one of her weekly countryside walks with a friend around Bourton on the Hill.

As Sarah walked along admiring the green landscape, an approaching herd of curious cows created a ‘domino effect’ which left the mum of two with a badly broken leg and a subsequent helicopter ride by Paramedics to Cheltenham General Hospital.

The saviours from the sky were paramedics from Great Western Air Ambulance who helped rescue her.

Sarah, a neonatal nurse, was once-again reunited with rescuer Paramedic Pete Sadler who took her on a tour of the air ambulance’s Bristol base station.

She said she had seen one of the paramedics who rescued me on facebook, and always meant to get in touch after her accident but never got round to it.

So after a phone call, the paramedics invited Sarah to meet them.

Sarah said the visit also brought back memories of the day she broke her leg when she needed Pete most.

Leg snapped in 3 places after cow rampage

Sarah recalls how she had been trying to clear a fence to get away from a herd of cows,  when her leg became caught on barbed wire.

She said: “It was a walk of about five miles. We stopped for lunch in Bourton on the Hill and carried on walking back round. I tried to get over a barbed wire fence and my trouser leg got caught.

“I lost my balance and fell flat on my back. As I landed, my left leg hit against the walking boot and snapped. If it hadn’t been for the air ambulance, it would have been an incredibly long and painful journey being carried back to a road.”

She lost her balance and fell backwards, snapping her left leg in three places, (ouch!) which later needed pins and plates to support its healing.

“Paramedics who attended the scene called in the air ambulance”

Paramedics who attended the scene called in the air ambulance when they realised it would be almost impossible to get Sarah with an ambulance.

A helicopter landed in a nearby field with critical care paramedics Pete Sadler and Mike Page on board.

Sarah was given morphine and flown to hospital where she spent eight days recuperating after her operation.

Pilot Paramedic Pete said: “It was nice to see Sarah looking so well, and it was my pleasure to show her around our base and explain what we do.

Sarah added: “They were brilliant; so kind and reassuring. I felt in safe hands.”

The most highly respected profession on the planet!

Another example of how easy it is to go from a pleasant walk in the country to being chased by mad cows into a barbed wire fence; resulting in broken bones and an operation. The job of a Paramedic is one that requires patience, quick thinking, compassion and a willingness to take on any challenge. What an amazing story from the UK and yet another reason why Paramedics are regarded as the most highly respected professions on the planet.

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