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Royal Australian Navy (RAN): Medic Submariner Jobs

Working in the navy is a great opportunity to be of service to your country.

To Royal Australian Navy (RAN) is seeking Medic Submariners to provide medical care for its personnel.

This encompasses advanced first aid, pre-hospital emergency care, advanced life support, evacuation of casualties, In-patient healthcare and skilled nursing care for the sick and wounded.

You must be able to cope with conventional/unconventional injuries and illnesses in a variety of situations and environments and work independently and effectively under a range of conditions for long periods.

All Sailors will serve in fleet units and shore establishments on a rotational basis.

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Responsibilities of a medic include:

  • Provision of pre-hospital care
  • Provision of initial clinical services and assessments (primary healthcare)
  • Promotion of patient comfort and welfare
  • Medical, surgical and infectious wound nursing
  • Maintenance of accurate medical documentation
  • Maintenance of a high standard of nursing care
  • Provision of emergency medical care
  • Administration – admissions/discharges documentation and
  • Control of medical stores

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Selection Criteria and Experience Required:

The minimum educational standard to be eligible to apply for entry is successful completion of Year 11 and specifically the following subjects:

  • Year 11 English
  • Year 11 Biology (WA: any of the human biological science disciplines)
  • Highly desirable Year 11 Chemistry and
  • Year 10 Mathematics (minimum Maths standard)

If you do not satisfy the education requirements for this trade or do not possess evidence of your educational attainment there is an alternative pathway available to you.

You may be eligible to sit an Alternative Education Equivalency (AEE) assessment to ascertain your ability at the required educational level for this trade.

The employer: Royal Australian Navy (RAN)

Royal Australian Navy Medical Sailors (MED) belong to the Navy Health Services Branch of the Australian Defence Force and are responsible for the provision of healthcare to support and maintain the health and well-being of RAN personnel.

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