Meet Dr Simon Sawyer, PhD. – Our New Trainer and Assessor Manager

Meet Dr Simon Sawyer, PhD. – APC Trainer and Assessor Manager

Simon Sawyer Paramedic Trainer and Assessor Manager

We’re so excited to introduce the new head of our superstar training team – Dr Simon Sawyer, PhD.

Simon joins the team bringing an incredible wealth of experience as a registered ALS paramedic with 12 years clinical on-road experience, a specialization in online education as a university lecturer for the Bachelor of Paramedicine, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in the field of Paramedicine.

He says, “I love the clinical side, love the teaching side as well. So I went out and got a bunch more quals in teaching, and in the same process, couldn’t help myself, [and became] one of the first paramedics to actually earn their PhD in paramedicine. It’s just one of those careers that there’s always something more to learn.”

Through our course programs including Diploma of Emergency Health Care, Certificate IV in Health Care and Certificate III in Non-Emergency Patient Transport, APC exists to support our student’s journey into the Bachelor of Paramedicine program at university or directly into emergency health care roles. Is it therefore greatly advantageous and extremely exciting to have someone of Simon’s qualification, experience and passion now at the helm of our industry-leading training program.

“Having the clinical skillset, the teaching skillset and the research skillset, when we look at the content of what we’re doing in lessons, how we’re delivering lessons, I think what I can bring is a really strong, capacity to make sure that we’re teaching the right content in the most effective way for the students.” says Simon.

Finally, Simon offered this encouragement to the APC students and anyone interested in a career in the exciting industry, be it a paramedic, emergency services officer, non-emergency patient transport officer or first responder;

“I think that made a great decision. It is a fantastic career. I’m still working as a paramedic and still absolutely love it. It is one of those careers that there’s always something new to learn, which, for me really drives me. So there’s always a patient with a new disease or who’s found a new and novel way to injure themselves. There’s always a new skill, new drug, new procedure to learn. So, you know, anyone who comes into this career with that lifelong learner mentality is going to do really well, and I would expect to really enjoy themselves.”

We are thrilled to welcome Simon, and along with our students, look forward to his contribution to the team.

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