Paramedics save toddlers locked in hot cars

As a paramedic, one thing you can be sure of is that every day there will be something different occurring. Paramedics and trainee medics are faced with many challenges when they attend the scene of an emergency.

The issue of children being left in cars

One frightening statistic that seems to be forever on the increase surrounds the issue of children being left in cars. This can have fatal consequences as we have all seen in the past.

No matter how many times these stories are reported in the media, the problem still persists.

As a paramedic, you reply on everything you have learned throughout your training and we all know it comes in very handy every single minute you are on duty.

“children that have been accidentally locked in cars”

Take this case where paramedics in Victoria were called to separate incidents at Avondale Heights and Moonee Ponds to attend to children that have been accidentally locked in cars. There were some six similar Melbourne call-outs in one day.

Advance life support paramedic Ben Dalton said most of the cases he attended to on February 10 appeared to be accidental and the children did not require treatment. One child who was locked in a car for around 30 minutes was taken to hospital for further treatment.

Sad loss of a baby’s life

Thankfully, the toddler survived that ordeal, however the news was not so good for a Noble Park family owing to the sad loss of a baby’s life in a hot car in Kyneton.

Paramedics commented on the incidents and gave this advice.

“Sadly two children have died in hot cars in Victoria in the last few years, so it’s important to keep your car keys in your hand so there’s no chance of them being locked in the car with your child,” Mr Dalton said.

“Children can’t regulate their body temperature like adults can, which puts them at significant risk.”

The local councils have taken some action by erecting “Do Not Leave Children In Cars” signs at 500 council car parks, early childhood services and sporting facilities as part of the community awareness campaign.

Mayor Narelle Sharpe said the initiative was timely given recent incidents and summer weather.

“These signs provide a permanent, potentially lifesaving reminder to parents and carers of the dangers, seconds before they park their cars,” Cr Sharpe said.


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