New Health & Paramedical Course Changes 2016

Health Care and Paramedical courses have changed forever. With new legislation around the HLT (Health) qualification, there has never been a better time to consider a career as a paramedic.

The recent restructure means more people gain their paramedical qualifications, quicker and at a far cheaper rate that before.  The Australian Paramedical College, based on the Gold Coast, Queensland has been working diligently to make sure that we are the first training organisation in the country to offer these new courses to our students.

The new courses are;

  • HLT41114 – Certificate IV in Health Care
  • HLT51015 – Diploma of Paramedical Science

Superseded HTL courses;

  • HLT41012 – Certificate IV in Health Care (Ambulance)
  • HLT50412 – Diploma of Paramedical Science (Ambulance)

With these new changes, to become qualified sooner, is a now a reality.

What the new changes mean and how to fast-track into a Diploma of Paramedical Science

Before these new changes, it was a requirement to complete the Certificate IV in Health Care as a pre-requisite to study the Diploma of Paramedical Science. This was because the Cert IV contained nine of the pre-requisite subjects.

Put simply, never before have you been able to enrol into the Diploma of Paramedical Science as a new student. The Cert IV was ALWAYS the stepping stone, or the nine pre-requisite subjects had to be attained through RPL or credit transfer.

The new changes mean the HLT51015 – Diploma of Paramedical Science is now able to be studied with no pre-requisites. The benefit is, it is now possible to gain a much higher qualification in a lot shorter time fram  – for a lot less money.

Ultimately, you will save $1500 off your course tuition and shave off up to 12 months of study time.

Overall, the new course guidelines are a huge win for anyone looking to become a paramedic in Australia both in the private and public sector.


What is your career journey?

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