It was a nice feeling this morning

“I was feeling pretty special”

Former APC student was feeling pretty special as she opened her university reading material and saw her former APC lecturer Sam Willis was the author.

APC recently received a wonderful mention from one of its former students who took the time to tell us about her recent experience as she attended one of her classes at a well-respected university – Charles Sturt.

Sitting in the lecture, the reading material presented to her entitled “Human factors of paramedic practice” was authored by no other than Sam Willis, who is the senior lecturer for Paramedic Science at the Australian Paramedical College’s old Miami Campus in Queensland. Not only is Sam a well-know academic, he also co-authored the very book she was provided with at CSU: Fundamentals of Paramedic Practice: A Systems Approach  [available on]

“I was a student with the APC having completed Cert IV in Jan 2018. I have gone on to pursue the Bachelor of Paramedic Science with Charles Sturt University (CSU). It was a nice feeling this morning when I received this weeks readings to come from Sam Willis (senior lecturer APC). Feeling pretty special with my signed copy, having been taught by Sam and having the APC with me along with me though my academic journey!”

[one_half]sam willis fundamentals of paramedic practice book on Amazon - training new paramedics [/one_half][one_half_last]

Human Factors of paramedic practice

A paramedic training reference by Sam Willis (Senior lecturer APCollege)

sam willis fundamentals of paramedic practice book on Amazon - training new paramedics[/one_half_last]

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