NSW Paramedic Peter Cribbs receives Ambulance Service Medal

NSW paramedic, Peter Cribbs, receives Ambulance Service Medal.

Illawarra paramedic Peter Cribbs has devoted his life to looking after people, often during their most vulnerable moments.

However, Peter wasn’t always a paramedic. He started his career as a veterinary nurse, before moving on to a medic in the army, then became a registered paramedic. “The honest truth of it all is that I wanted to help people” Mr Cribbs said.

He has made such an impact in his career, that in June 2021, he received the Ambulance Service Medal.

Here is a brief summary of his accomplishments:

  • Assisted in the Christchurch Earthquake.
  • Treated patients in the Indonesian Earthquake as the sole paramedic on the medical team in the Yogyakarta Region.
  • He was with Stuart Diver, the lone survivor of the 1997 Thredbo Landslide, after being trapped under rubble for 3 days.
  • Jumped on a full plane of injured Australians after the Bali Bombings, and treated/triaged patients while in the air.
  • Oversaw the introduction of ambulance radios in hospital, giving paramedics a direct line to doctors.
  • Played a key part in the Code 3 system, which is a lasting legacy.

After 40 years in the service, Peter Cribs says the fulfillment of helping people is more than the award will give him.

You can read more about Peters impactful career, right here.


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