Off-duty Paramedic saves man’s life after heart attack

They say the job of a paramedic is something that can’t ignored when the shift is over. Becoming a paramedic is to join the ranks of one of the most, if not THE most trusted professions in the world, is to become someone extra special.

The gift of paramedical knowledge

The gift of paramedical knowledge and the ability to react quickly to save another human being’s becomes instinct for paramedics.

Whether you are a training paramedic or a fully-qualified one, you’ll simply jump in and save lives where needed; no matter if you are on or off duty.

As was the case for CALLIOPE resident Lance Stoddart when he suffered a heart attack in July 2014.

When Mr Stoddart rang the Calliope Ambulance Station bell for assistance, critical care paramedic Leia Spencer was on a day off.

Mr Stoddart, who had been experiencing chest pains for a few hours, drove himself to the ambulance station which was relatively close to where he lives. When he arrived he Leia who treated him at the ambulance station with the clot busting drug tenecteplase.

Quick-thinking Leia never gave it a second thought and soon Mr. Stoddart, who was now in a stable condition was transported to Gladstone Hospital where he received further specialist care.

Mr Stoddart said his chest pains we getting worse and then he began to feel sweaty and unwell. He didn’t want to call an ambulance and clog up the line for someone in a critical condition, so he drove to his local station a few streets away.

“Lance was lucky that I was at the station and was able to respond quickly,” Leia said.

“I administered the clot busting drug tenecteplase, which is directly injected into the bloodstream and dissolves blood clots that cause heart attacks.

“Being able to provide this drug in pre-hospital care means quicker treatment and less heart muscle damage.”

Mr Stoddart went on to say, “I was fortunate that Leia was at the station to help me that day, otherwise I wouldn’t be here,” he said.

Call 000 in an emergency

Ms Spencer advised patients to always call 000 in an emergency, because Queensland Ambulance Service was a mobile service and paramedics may not always be at the station.

“Don’t waste valuable time driving to an ambulance station that might be empty,” she said.

“People should always call Triple Zero (000) in an emergency to allow the closest ambulance to your location to be dispatched as soon as possible.”

“Don’t think your condition is not critical. Chest pain can be life-threatening.”

What a great story and typical of the ones we hear at the Australian Paramedical College. Becoming a paramedic is so rewarding. Have you thought about a paramedical career?

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