The Paramedic Course that lead to my dream career

Paramedic Course to Dream CareerBefore enrolling in a paramedic course in the summer of 2014, Taylor knew she wanted to work in pre hospital care, but felt she wasn’t smart enough. After chatting with the APC enrolment team she made the decision to jump in and complete her Certificate IV. Now the 29 year old couldn’t be more excited to wake up every day and go to work.

In her own words she is “living the dream.” As a Non-Emergency Patient Transport Officer, she is able to utilise the skills she has learnt, connect with all of her patients and make a huge contribution to her community. All of this because she followed her heart and took a paramedic course with the Australian Paramedical College.

After graduating from high school, Taylor felt like she has no direction in life. Her final grades at school weren’t good enough to secure a spot at University to complete a Bachelor of Paramedical Science, so she almost gave up on her dream career.

What followed was months of soul searching and days filled with feelings of failure, confusion and a quest for direction. But whilst she was trying to forget about becoming a Paramedic, Taylor just kept coming back to it. That’s when she called the Australian Paramedical College.

The challenge now was to find out how to become a paramedic? Questions like: What courses do I need take? Do I need to have a degree? Is it going to take me several years just finish my paramedic training?

After discovering that the Australian Paramedical College has no educational prerequisites, a weight felt like it lifted off her shoulders. This in addition to the advantage of online study with flexible schedules, made the decision to take a paramedic course a no-brainer.

“We believe everyone can achieve great things when they set their mind to it, no matter what their educational background.”

After completing the paramedic course – Certificate IV in Healthcare (Ambulance) – and volunteering at the local St Johns, Taylor landed a great job in NEPT. Her high work ethic and dedication saw her gain responsibility in rapid time and it wasn’t long before she was offered a spot to complete a Bachelor in Paramedical Science.

In just a short couple of years Taylor has been able to gain a qualification, get work in the industry and get accepted into University. None of this Taylor thought was possible not long ago.

You too can have a success story like Taylor. You can study a paramedic course at a pace and level that suits you.

Call us now on (07) 5520 2522 to find out more or to enroll in a paramedic course that could change your life. It’s that easy!

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