The top 6 Paramedic habits

paramedic-habits - australian paramedical collegeWhilst the paramedical industry is constantly changing, there are still some daily routines and habits all paramedics eventually develop.  Research has shown that it can take a minimum of 66 days to develop a habit, so after years of working as a paramedic, these habits are likely to stick around for life.

Check out what we think are the top 6 of the top Paramedic habits:

  1. The ability to nap anywhere

    As a paramedic you will typically be working shift work, so you will learn over time how to nap on queue no matter what time it is or where you are.

  2. Returning to base

    We’re all guilty of driving on autopilot sometimes, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself driving to your base or your closest hospital without thinking twice.

  3. Scan your environment

    As a paramedic you are taught to constantly scan your environment for any potential hazards to yourself, bystanders and the patient or look for any evidence which answers why the patient fell ill or injured themselves. This is something you will find yourself doing subconsciously wherever you go.

  4. Inhale food

    When you’re on call you never know when the next job may arise, so as soon as you’ve prepared up your meal you learn to shove it into your mouth as quickly as possible just in case you have to rush out.

  5. Jumping at the sound of tones

    Any sound that even slightly resembles the sound of your radio alert or dispatch tone will likely make you jump.

  6. Notice veins

    A paramedic is often found glancing at a patients arm to figure out if they have nice veins for IV cannulation or not. Looking at someones arms and getting excited over their veins therefore becomes a habit that many people may not quite understand.

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