Paramedic Jobs Australia – What You Need to Know

What are the various Paramedic Jobs Australia has to offer?

Paramedics are frontline medical professionals who are relied upon to save lives during emergency situations. The are highly trained first responders that carry a lot of responsibility in difficult and often dangerous circumstances.

In order to gain various paramedic jobs Australia wide, you will need to have completed advanced training in life support systems. You must also know how to respond quickly and effectively when performing CPR and other highly technical medical treatment, such as intravenous administration.

Paramedics are also trained to adapt to challenging situations and be confident in making split-second decisions that can save lives. They are also required to record and check important reports on a patient’s injuries and treatment. An often overlooked aspect of  job of a paramedic is double checking emergency vehicles to assure that the ambulance and it’s life saving equipment is working properly.

There are many types of paramedic jobs Australia wide, with the trend only expected to move upwards in the coming years. Here are the various paramedic jobs Australia has to offer:

Ambulance Paramedic.

This is the most common of all paramedic jobs Australia and the world over. This person is expected to respond swiftly in all kinds of emergency situations, whether in private homes, schools, or other public settings. These paramedics usually work hand-in-hand with police officers and fire fighters at the scene of an emergency. They also work together with doctors and other hospital staff, by communicating with them in an emergency and during transportation to their medical facility. Typically advance diagnosis is communicated to the receiving hospital to allow triage staff to prepare an emergency room for the arrival of the patient.  This way the hospital has adequate time to set up the appropriate medical care and execute a seamless procedure for handover.

Emergency medical transport.

Ambulances, boats, cars and helicopters can be used as a type of emergency medical transport to quickly save lives. It is not uncommon for paramedics to work together with fire fighters, using their fire truck and emergency rescue vans to provide immediate medical response at fire and accident scenes.

Tactical Paramedic.

These type of paramedic jobs centre around the military and law enforcement to provide prompt medical care while in the field. Those who are interested in becoming tactical paramedics must have a keen ability to respond under pressure and have the skill to quickly assess situations at a high level. Part of their responsibility is to provide medical care to civilians as well as to enlisted men and women.

Paramedic Jobs in Hospitals & Health Care Facilities.

Paramedics can also be found in an emergency room where they provide immediate medical attention to incoming trauma patients. They work hand-in-hand with nurses and doctors to process and perform emergency medical care to patients. They can also be assigned to other medical departments such as laboratories, where they can work with blood testing. There are also positions available in health care facilities located on the premises of larger companies that employ hundreds, if not thousand, of workers. In these onsite facilities they provide basic medical support and immediate care for injured people.

Salary of Paramedic Jobs.

With the high level of learning and training required to become a paramedic, people usually ask how much does a paramedic makes each year. Paramedic salaries, like any form of employment can differ depending on job location, and the training and experience required. As a simple guide you could expect to earn an average salary of $60-$100,000 in various qualified Paramedic jobs Australia wide.

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