Paramedic Jobs: Clinical Deployment Officer

When an emergency situation arises there are a number of crucial paramedic jobs that are called upon to effectively respond and help – none more important than the role of a Clinical Deployment Officer.

At the heart of every coordinated medical emergency response is a team of highly skilled and experienced paramedic professionals. There are emergency medical dispatchers fielding the phone calls and initiating a response. Then there’s the paramedics riding in the ambulance and attending to the injured.

Paramedic Jobs with Varying Levels of Training

At each level of response there are paramedics and paramedic jobs that require different levels of training and experience. The need to effectively respond with the appropriate care when there are limited resources on hand is therefore a vital part of deciding a plan of action.

For example, it may not be deemed appropriate to send an Intensive Care Paramedic to respond to an adult having an asthma attack. An Advanced Care Paramedic is equally experienced and trained to provide the necessary medical care to such an individual.

In fact, it may prove unwise to send the Intensive Care Paramedic because he may be needed for a much more urgent and life-threatening incident that requires the unique paramedic training and expertise that an Intensive Care Paramedic possesses.

Clinical Deployment Officer: One of the Most Important Paramedic Jobs

Who then is responsible for making these kinds of important paramedic deployment decisions? It is the role of a Clinical Deployment Officer – probably one of the most important paramedic jobs.

How can we know that they are experienced enough to decide the most effective way for the state ambulance services resources to be utilised? In most cases they are qualified Intensive Care Paramedics – which is one the highest trained paramedic jobs within Australia.

If you are interested in learning about the various duties and responsibilities of Clinical Deployment Officers, you can read about them here – Paramedic Duties of a Clinical Deployment Officer.

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