Paramedic Jobs in Australia Shine in the 2011 Census

According to the latest statistics from the 2011 Census, those with paramedic jobs in Australia were among the most dedicated workers and sacrificial members of society.

Those with Paramedic Jobs in Australia Work Harder

Key findings have shown that full-time paramedics tended to work longer hours in 2011 than the rest of the employed population in Australia. A staggering 36 per cent of paramedics worked 49 hours or more per week compared to 26 per cent of the wider population.

Those that work paramedic jobs in Australia proved that they deserve the title as Australia’s most trusted profession with 29 per cent of paramedics engaged in volunteer work in addition to their paid jobs. This is in comparison with just 19 per cent of the general population of employed Australians.

The results come as no surprise to those within the paramedic industry in Australia. Paramedic jobs require individuals with a high work ethic, a strong sense of civic duty and a self-sacrificial nature.

People who work paramedic jobs in Australia regularly display acts of courage and compassion. Current statistics prove that they are amongst Australia’s hardest working, not taking lightly their responsibility to provide life-saving medical treatment to those in need.

Those with Paramedic Jobs in Australia Volunteer More

In addition to their incredible work ethic, people who work paramedic jobs in Australia are 10 per cent more likely to volunteer in their local community. This speaks volumes about the quality of character amongst the paramedic workforce in Australia.

It goes without saying that those who work in paramedic jobs in Australia should be extremely proud of the findings within the 2011 Census. It only further reinforces the great value to society that Australian paramedics bring.

So the next time you pass the scene of a roadside accident, or watch the evening news, remember that it’s the admirable individuals that serve as paramedics working hard and putting their lives at risk to care for the injured.

Paramedic Jobs in Australia are in High Demand

It is no wonder that more and more people are looking for a career as a paramedic. Paramedic jobs in Australia are on the increase and the demand for highly trained paramedics with the character and personal skills to match the task are on the increase.

If a job as a paramedic appeals to you, then consider the several paramedic courses available through the Australian Paramedical College. These paramedic courses are designed to give you the nationally recognised training you need to join their noble ranks.

If you want to learn more about paramedic jobs in Australia or enquire about one of our paramedic courses call the Australian Paramedic College on (07) 5520 2522.

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