Paramedic Jobs: Private Paramedic

We often speak about the range of pathways graduates of our courses can take, and becoming an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) in the private sector is just one example of the job opportunities available for people with a HLT51020 Diploma of Emergency Health Care.

State Medical Assistance is a licensed private paramedic company based in NSW. They are currently seeking Paramedics to join their team that specialised in providing medical support at sporting fixtures and lifestyle events. These contracts give the paramedic team access to exciting and diverse opportunities.

Successful applicants will need to possess the following qualifications and experience:

For more information, to apply or to obtain a copy of the job description, please contact State Medical Assistance. 

Become a Private Paramedic

“I don’t have the money.” “I was never good at school.” “How could I become a paramedic with my educational achievements?”

All valid questions, right? You’ve got the desire to become a paramedic, yet these ideas and conceptions about money and ability stop you from taking action.

Did you know there are a plethora of jobs out there in the private sector. The State Ambulance Service isn’t the only choice. People just like you are forging a career in the private sector as a medic/paramedic.

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