Student Success Story – Jarrod Neal – Rescue Paramedic

Student Success Story

APC Diploma Graduate and now Rescue Paramedic

Jarrod Neal

Meet Jarrod Neal, an Australian Paramedical College success story. He studied the Diploma and is now a Rescue Paramedic in Western Australia.

His current role is diverse – it involves things like rope rescues and clinical treatments, but he also uses his skills and expertise to set up Medical Clinics all around Australia. He turns empty rooms into fully functioning medical centres for mine sites by ordering medications, desks, computers, medical supplies, PPE, as well as stocking the rescue ambulances.

He typically works in the mine site for a few months at a time, and while setting up the medical centre, he also acts as a Rescue Paramedic, and is required to undertake rescues when needed, as well as treating any injuries for the mine site workers.

Jarrod started off this career journey by working on a mine site in Queensland when a colleague suggested to him that he would be a good paramedic. That same colleague suggested he take a look at what we at the Australian Paramedical College had to offer. Jarrod goes on to say “It was one of the best things I’ve ever done”.

Jarrod started off as an Emergency Services Officer (ESO) and is now a Rescue Paramedic that travels all over Australia and even internationally to help set up medical services.

Jarrod has also spent a good portion of his career giving back and volunteering with the Fire Brigade in Victoria and also as an Ambulance Community Officer with Ambulance Victoria.

Jarrod gained Registration as a Paramedic prior to the transition to higher education, which means he was able to become a registered Paramedic with the Diploma of Paramedical Science (now called HLT51020 – Diploma of Emergency Health Care) coupled with his extensive experience in Emergency Services. Now, to become a Registered Paramedic, you are required to undertake a bachelors degree. The Diploma is an excellent pathway into the Bachelor of Paramedical Science.

His passion for this line of work comes from his desire to help people in their time of need. The reward and satisfaction of being able to help each of his patients is what motivates him every day.

What he loved most about his time at the Australian Paramedical College was the level of support he received, not only in the good time but also in the challenging times. He highly recommends Australian Paramedical College to anyone who is interested in this career path.

He also says it’s incredibly important to have a supportive home life too, because the long hours of study and the FIFO work, requires support from family and friends too.

He loved that his course with the Australian Paramedical College allowed him to continue to work while he studied. The flexible learning meant he could squeeze in study time around his long shifts at the mine site.

When reflecting on his career as an Emergency Services Officer and now Rescue Paramedic, he says I’m never out of work” as there is significant demand for these roles, especially in Western Australia.

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