Student Success Story – Nathan Seidel

Student Success Story

APC Diploma Graduate, Emergency Services Officer (ESO) and Paramedic.

Meet Nathan Seidel, an Australian Paramedical College success story, now an Emergency Services Officer (ESO) and Paramedic in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Nathan has been an integral part of the APC community for a number of years. Although he graduated with his Diploma a number of years ago, he remains active in our Student Forum to provide advice, support, and job opportunities for our current students.

Upon graduation of his diploma, Nathan went on to become an Emergency Services Officer, which is a medic and medical response personnel on mine sites, to attend to and care for the workers of the site. He is also a Registered Paramedic and studying with the University of Tasmania in their conversion program which is a program in which registered and experienced paramedics can upgrade their qualifications.

In the above video, you will hear Nathan say that there is a significant demand in his region for more Emergency Services Officers. This is a common career path for our students, as there is a surplus of roles available. Typically, the minimum requirements are Certificate IV in Health Care, Certificate III in Mines Rescue, and the Drug and Alcohol Testing qualifications. Once you have these minimum requirements, you will be able to get your foot in the door to gain some much-needed experience.

“States like Western Australia are screaming out for more Emergency Services Officers. With the right qualifications, you are almost guaranteed a job, at the moment. There is definitely an abundance of jobs out there for ESOs” says Nathan.

When Nathan is asked what he loves most about being an Emergency Services Officer and Paramedic, he says:

  • Every day is different, no day is the same.
  • A diverse job role that is never boring.
  • Being able to help people in their most vulnerable moments.
  • Working FIFO means he gets paid well to “only work half of the year”.

When Nathan reflects on his time studying at APC, he loved that most of the course was completed online, which gave him the flexibility to continue to work while studying around his already busy schedule. Of course, with all elements of studying, there were challenging times, but the difference for Nathan was that APC has a full Student Support team who were able to assist him whenever he called. He also loved the Clinical Workshops, which are the face-to-face portion of the Diploma, as he was able to get hands-on time with our knowledgeable trainers.

Nathan finishes the interview shown in the video above by talking about what is it that drew him to this career and keeps him motivated every day. He says, “It’s the satisfaction after each and every job. Even if someone is just upset, you can sit and talk to them. Or it can be a massive job, where you clinically treat patients through the whole job”. Both extremes of the roles are extremely satisfying for someone like Nathan who just loves to help people!

Although the Certificate IV in Health Care is the minimum requirement, Nathan says that having the Diploma of Emergency Health Care is a huge benefit, because you gain a further understanding of body systems, pharmacology and clinical treatments.

If being a Medic in the mines, and getting paid to work a week on then a week off, sounds like the right career path for you, APC can help you get there!

To learn more about Nathans experience as an ESO, we interviewed him on the Changing Lives podcast in June 2020. You can watch that interview here.

If Nathan’s career journey has inspired you, be sure to reach out to one of our Course Advisors today! They can help guide you in the direction of your desired career goal.

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