Paramedic Training Uses Simulated Crash Scenes

In a number of institutions simulated crashes and accident scenes are being employed by instructors to enhance the paramedic training experience. Such advanced learning mechanisms are a great way to produce highly skilled, confident and experienced paramedic course graduates.

Paramedic Training Incorporates Simulated Learning

When it comes to providing the best possible paramedic training there is nothing quite like the use of simulated learning. Students can certainly gain great knowledge and understanding in the classroom. However, their paramedic training is really put to the test when they are placed in real life situations and required to perform their newly learnt skills.

Industries throughout the world have long used simulation-based activities as a tool to teach trainees or employees. One of the most obvious industries to successfully use simulation training is the aircraft industry.

Flight simulators have been in use since before World War I, and have since proven to be an extremely effective form of flight training. Unlike paramedic training the simulated mechanisms employed are much more technical and involve sophisticated computerised software and technology.

Paramedic training institutes, on the other hand, take a more coordinated approach working with emergency services to create life-like scenarios of a crash scene. In some cases an entire carpark will be closed and used to create several car crash scenes, employing actors to play the part of victims that have been injured.

The paramedic training that the students will be tested on includes complex decision-making, problem solving, clinical knowledge and communication skills. The injuries that students may be required to treat in the simulated paramedic training experience are burns, heart attacks, spinal injuries, mental health crisis and multi-vehicle accidents.

The Advantages of Simulated Paramedic Training

The advantage of a simulated paramedic training experience is that students are able to learn how to work in emergency situations and treat critically injured patients in a safe environment. Experienced paramedic trainers can then debrief the students and provide essential feedback and assessment.

Advance Paramedic Training at Australian Paramedical College

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