Certificate III in Non-Emergency Patient Transport

NOTE: The Certificate III in Non-emergency Patient Transport qualification is not offered by the Australian Paramedical College at this time.

We suggest looking at the Certificate IV in Health Care, as this is a higher level qualification offering greater opportunities for employment in the private sector.

Non-emergency patient transport services (NEPT) are in very high demand right across Australia. As a non-emergency patient transport officer you will provide transport to patients who require clinical monitoring or assistance where response time is not a high priority. As a result, you will build strong relationships with coworkers and patients and meet others who are truly grateful for the work you do and the service you offer.

What jobs are available?

With private operators around the country taking over the non-critical transport needs for major hospitals and medical facilities, they are looking to further develop and expand their patient transport networks. Jobs within these companies include:

  • Non-emergency patient transport officer
  • Ambulance community or volunteer officer
  • Private company transport officer
  • Ambulance attendant

Checkout our post talking about this industry and the recent rise in jobs here.

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