QLD Paramedics Needed on Fraser Island

A shortage of QLD paramedics at one of the states’ top holiday destinations leaves many people wondering whether the Queensland Ambulance Service needs to do more. Every year the population of Fraser Island doubles during the Christmas/New Year holiday period. That might be great news for QLD tourism, however pressure is mounting to increase the number of QLD paramedics to support the seasonal influx of visitors to the Island.

QLD Paramedics Face Long Shifts

QLD paramedics on the Island already face longs shifts, sometimes 24-hours in length, with limited resources at their disposal. In just the last year there was a 16% increase in emergency calls, a significant jump given the fact that there are only 2 QLD paramedics based on the Island.

Member for Hervey Bay Calls for More QLD Paramedics

Ted Sorensen, The Member for Hervey Bay, has called for more QLD paramedics to brought onto Fraser during the peak holiday period to bring much needed relief and support to the existing paramedics.

The Queensland Ambulance Service has stood by its decision to maintain the current level of QLD paramedics, pointing to data that suggests the small increase in emergency care is well managed by existing resources. They also argue that the two QLD paramedics are well supported by a strong network of first responders and QAS helicopters that cover the vast Wide Bay region.

At the end of the day there needs to be considerable thought given to the welfare of those staying on the Island, especially during busy seasons. There is a strong call for more highly trained QLD paramedics to be part of the emergency care team to ensure robust and safe level of medical services on Fraser Island.

Queensland Ambulance Service Needs More QLD Paramedics

Locals and holiday-makers alike rely on the Queensland Ambulance Service to provide sufficient medical care especially in isolated areas where it could take hours to get to a hospital. And it’s situations like this that highlight the growing need for QLD paramedics in rural and regional Queensland.

For many it may come as a surprise that the Queensland Ambulance Service is the fourth largest of its kind in the world. They have the overwhelming task of providing quality emergency medical treatment across 1.8 million square kilometres. QLD paramedics are truly the unsung heroes of the state and there is no better time than now to join their ranks.

Australian Paramedical College Can Help You Join the Amazing Team of QLD Paramedics

Would you like to know more about becoming a QLD paramedic and meeting the needs of communities like Fraser Island? If you have questions or you are interested in speaking with a paramedic course advisor, call the Australian Paramedical College today on (07) 5520 2522. We would love to help you join the amazing team of QLD paramedics that service the great state of Queensland.


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