Queensland Ambulance Service Paramedics praise family CPR actions

Paramedics are not always first on the scene, therefore they have to reply on members of the public to do what they can when an emergency occurs.

Queensland paramedics recently praised the quick-thinking actions of family members as Barellan Point man Trevor Stephens collapsed in their presence. CPR by family members kept Trevor alive until

Queensland paramedics could arrive on the scene. It’s these types of early, effective CPR by knowledgeable people that is critical to prolonging life until professional medical help arrives.

Trevor was fighting for his life until  had a fighting chance of survival when Critical Care Paramedic Adrian Gielis, and his partner Advanced Care Paramedic Chris Curtis arrived at the scene. As trained paramedics, the Queensland pair got straight into their procedure for cardiac arrest victims and managed to stabilise Mr. Stephens.

The Queensland paramedics, Adrian, Chris and their paramedic counterparts Nicole Carr and Miranda Richards recently caught up with Trevor and his grateful family and agreed that his survival was extraordinary.

Knowing CPR, and calling Triple Zero (000)

“It’s made our day to catch up with Trevor and his wonderful family. This is the best possible outcome and reinforces for everyone that emergencies can happen anywhere at any time. You could be sitting around the table enjoying a meal just as they were. Knowing CPR, and calling Triple Zero (000) immediately makes all the difference.”

“As a father myself, stories like Trevor’s really hit home. Please take a moment to think about your loved ones and learn this vital skill – it just might be their life you save,” said one of the paramedics.

Social media was quick to raise some positive comments about this latest Queensland paramedic life-saving situation.

Emergency Medical Dispatchers(EMD) highly praised

One commenter made a very good point of mentioning that it’s not only the attending paramedics that get all the praise. Saving lives starts with the EMD who takes the initial emergency call. In this case it was a dispatcher from the Southport Ops Centre, whilst the incident was closer to Ipswich which is about 70 km away. Great work also by the EMD.It’s often these highly-trained personnel that do a lot of the diagnosis work for attending paramedics, as well as help talk the caller through the situation and offer critical care advice.

This is one of the most important stages of an emergency response request, and one that is often overlooked.

Queensland Ambulance Service commented on facebook

Well done to the whole team involved! Grant is one of our newer EMDs, so an excellent effort to conduct the call in such a calm professional manner.”

Becoming a Queensland paramedic and a paramedic in any state of Australia is to join an elite team of people who together perform daily miracles and are trained to the highest levels in order to save lives.

Facebook fans praise Queensland paramedic Emergency Medical Dispatchers

One commented on Queensland Ambulance Service’s facebook page said.

“You’re a hero to each person you speak too. The Emergency Medical Dispatchers are heroes in the background, the voice of calming and voice of reason. No matter the stress nor the heartache you focus on delivering life saving instruction & making sure the ambulances gets to the patient!! You’re my hero & anyone else’s who lives you touch with your voice.”

…and another went on to say.

“I am so blessed to work with such an amazing team, from the call taker to the dispatchers, the road crews and the hospital staff. It certainly takes a total team effort to save lives. This includes public education as well, with out the knowledge of family it doesn’t matter how wonderful paramedics and hospital staff are, it would be pointless. Well done to all involved in an amazing survival story.”

APC Comment

When you look at the amazing support Queensland paramedics get from the general public, it really does make you realise that the role of a paramedic is one of the most highly regarded in any profession. Everyone who made comments on Trevor’s story were singing the praises of the Queensland paramedics who were involved.

It’s not uncommon to hear words like “Fantastic outcome”.

  • “Great job everyone”
  • “Nice work guys”
  • “You are all just amazing”.

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