Queensland Paramedic Delivers Baby

Queensland Paramedic Skill 432: Deliver a baby

Queensland Paramedics, as well as other Paramedics across Australia are equipped to tackle many scenarios on a daily basis. Their skills are almost infinite when it comes to assisting those who desperately need medical helps and attention. Perhaps the most rewarding for Paramedics is to be able to assist in when a child is being born out of a hospital environment.

When distraught parents struggle with the thought of delivering their own baby, a Paramedic and the support staff at the Despatch Centre help bring calmness and a sense of security to the scene.

Hurry – a child is about to be born

This was exactly the case when Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) Advanced care paramedic James Whelan, who was a sole operator for the Queensland Ambulance Service, received a call from the worried parents of a child about to be born nearby.

Under normal circumstances, as a Paramedic, he would have taken over the moment he arrived on scene, however when James got there, the expectant mother was in the ensuite “on all fours” and the father was assisting. It was an unplanned home birth, although despite the unscheduled event – the mum and dad to be were coping so well they didn’t need much help, Mr Whelan said.

“An operator from Queensland Ambulance Service, who is highly trained to deal with all aspects of emergency medical assistance, had been assisting with the delivery and the father was doing a really good job,” he said.

“Because of the limited space in the bathroom, I just assisted the father, so we could deliver the baby.”

Once the baby girl was delivered, James checked the newborn over, and a backup crew who had arrived on the scene, transported the mother and baby to hospital at Buderim.

The best day at work he’d had

Paramedic James said it was the best day at work he’d had in a long while.

“It’s always nice to have a really good result,” Mr Whelan said.

“To have parents deliver a healthy, happy child and to be involved like I was, and see the excitement and release as well – and to know you’ve been there helping and assisting them in that time too – it makes me feel really good that I’ve been able to be involved with such a special moment in such a special time in their lives.”

“good jobs” like this one stay in my memory”

James said he wouldn’t easily forget the experience – he found that the “good jobs” like this one stay in his memory, while sad ones – don’t.

“They’re the jobs that make you get up and get to work in the morning,” he said.

What an amazing and positive story from Queensland Ambulance Service and their Paramedics- who are highly trained to adapt to every situation they come across. As well as protocol and procedures to follow, every time a Paramedic arrives on scene, they have to rely in a wide range of ‘human’ skills such as their intuition, powers of observation and of course emotional intelligence.

It’s these stories that fuel the interest of those who have always wanted to help save lives and give back to their community – and to become a Paramedic is one of the most respected of all professions.


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