Queensland Paramedics saves heart attack victim’s life

The race to get to an emergency scene is one of the most critical factors paramedics have to deal with. Getting from A to B in the shortest and safest way possible can save lives.

“a woman had suffered a heart attack

Queensland paramedics Tamara Dippel and Terry Zillmann received a job from their local EMD to attend the home of a woman who had suffered a heart attack.  Biloela nurse Ferna Savidge suffered heart attack symptoms in October 2014 and knew exactly what to do..dial 000.

Ferna knew this was the correct course of action rather than risk everything by driving herself to hospital.

Paramedics Tamara Dippel and Terry Zillmann arrived on the scene quickly and got to work saving Ferna’s life as she went into cardiac arrest. As highly-trained and experienced Queensland paramedics, Tamara and Terry had their defibrillator primed and ready – just in case. In no time, the quick-thinking duo resuscitated Ferna with a defibrillator and CPR.

Ferna was then treated in Brisbane and after a good recovery she went back to the Biloela Ambulance Station to personally thank Tamara and Terry and presented them both with a gifts as a thank you for saving her life.

As is the case with most Queensland paramedics (and every paramedic we meet), Tamara and Terry said they were just happy their friend and fellow colleague has recovered well.

These types of paramedic stories are commonplace right across Australia, however they rarely make it to the news channels. At the Australian Paramedical College, we are so grateful to Queensland Ambulance Service for allowing us to share the great work that all of the Queensland paramedics do across the state.

More Indigenous paramedic cadets for Queensland

We also learned that 12 Indigenous Queensland paramedic cadets were awarded their ‘epaulettes’ as a sign they had completed their paramedic training. The new recruits will head off to remote locations in Queensland to put into practice everything they had learned and will continue to learn throughout their course.

The cadets will be stationed at Mount Isa, Normanton, Doomadgee, Palm Island, Thursday Island, Yarrabah and Woorabinda. It’s heartening to see more and more Indigenous Australian’s becoming part of the world’s most respected professions.

Great work guys and girls.


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