Student Journey – Rachel Bell – Diploma Student

Student Journey

Rachel Bell, Diploma Student & Country Ambulance Officer

Meet APC Diploma student Rachel Bell.

Rachel is from WA and currently studying the Diploma of Emergency Health Care and recently started working as a Country Ambulance Officer with St John Ambulance.

Having previously been trained as an Emergency Services Technician (EMT) with St John, she undertook study with APC to build on her knowledge and skillset even further.

Rachel admits, “I was a little concerned before starting with APC as to how much support I would get because I’ve never done online learning before, but it’s actually proven to be really good. They’re always there when you need them”.

One of the benefits of the Diploma program is the opportunity to get real-world experience in the health care industry with 160 hours of clinical placement.

Rachel did her clinical placement through St John Ambulance. Not only did she absolutely love the experience, but it has also led to employment, even while she still completes the Diploma.

“We’re on-road doing triple zero calls, actually working in ambulances so it’s good to get the first-hand skills and knowledge but now I’ve been offered a job with St John as a country ambulance officer.”

Rachel is naturally laid back and this approach has proven a strength along the journey.

“My advice to other students is, just relax, enjoy the ride. You get a lot more self-drive from doing this. Once you pass your first assessment, it gives you a lot of confidence to keep going.”

Rachel’s story should inspire many to believe that working in a job you love is possible with a simple decision and some dedication! What are you waiting for?

What is your career journey?

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