Student Success Story – Amy Schampier

Student Success Story

Amy Schampier, Certificate IV Graduate & Assistant Nurse

Meet Amy Schampier.

Coming out of school, Amy was drawn to working in health care and was overwhelmed with the many options and areas of health care available as a career.

Through completing a Certificate IV in Health Care with Australian Paramedical College (APC), Amy realised she wanted to be a nurse.

Not only did her Cert. IV ignite her passion for nursing, it allowed her to get a job in the industry as a nurse’s assistant while she continues her study pathway to nursing registration.

In her own words, “It’s really helped me, you know, because I’m working now while I’m studying and then I can further, you know, once I graduate from TAFE… I can work as an EN and then […] just keep going up, which is great.”

Amy really enjoyed her experience studying with APC. “I really liked the self-directed newness, if that is a word, of the study. You know, you outlined everything, all the units and it tells you when you needed to have it done, you had everything kind of organized for you, which was really helpful because I like to be organized myself.”

She also found help whenever she needed it, and even lasting friendships, from the student success team.

“And the student support team was so helpful. I made lots of friends while I was. And even when I came for the workshops, like I went and I saw them, it was really, really nice.” Amy also was really impressed with the quality of training and experience at clinical workshops. Workshops are 7 day intensive face-to-face classes help around Australia, where students come and put their theory into practice and hone their skills before work placement.

“The workshops were so good. The team, they were so friendly. It was really nice. And they were very, like, practical. They would help you learn all your skills and you know, if you didn’t know what to do, they would show you how to do it right. I really liked how supportive everyone was.”

All in all, Amy took so much away from her time at APC. She learned foundational health care knowledge and skills. She gained employment in the industry and she found her direction and passion for a career in health care.

 We wholeheartedly, agree with Amy. Undertaking a certificate or diploma in health is a smart and productive way to get started in health care and discover your capabilities and passion within this exciting industry.


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