Student Success Story — Tamara Stoddart

Student Success Story

Tamara Stoddart, Diploma Graduate, EMT & PTO

Meet Tamara.

She’s from Sydney and at 52 years of age, is loving her new career as an Emergency Services Technician and Patient Transport Officer for Paramedical Services Australia.

After 30 years of teaching, Tamara wanted a change and dreamed of working in emergency health care, and that’s when she came across Australian Paramedical College (APC).

“Someone actually tagged me in APC’s advertising, and I discovered that I could study online, which suited me because I was a teacher, so I just went for it.”

And Tamara really did go for it. As a mature aged student, she was focused and determined and finished her diploma well under the time allocated.

And now recently she has been accepted into university at UTAS to complete a fast-track degree on her way to becoming a registered paramedic.

“Lights and sirens Here I come!” says Tamara, with a cheeky giggle.

Another outcome of completing her Diploma of Emergency Health Care was landing a great role in the industry as an Emergency Medical Technician and Patient Transport Officer with local Sydney service Paramedical Services. The opportunity for Tamara arose as a direct result of doing her clinical placement portion of the Diploma with the company and led to her being offered a job.

Tamara was at first unsure how studying online would suit her. She wondered how she would go studying on her own and if she would get the support and responsiveness when she needed it from the college. Thankfully, her experience was very positive.

“With APC, there was a lot to love. I made new friends, there were loads of people we were put in a chat group together, and I thought I was starting this journey on my own online. Besides that the support that was offered was like just a phone call away. Or I could just send an email and it didn’t matter who I got on the end of the phone. I always got prompt responses and answers and assistance.”

However, Tamara rated her experience at the clinical workshops as her ultimate highlight. She revelled in the face-to-face genuine contact, student comradery, direct trainer feedback, and especially loved the opportunity to learn and practice on real-world equipment that she would later use in the field.

“And I was very lucky. I went from workshop straight to my placement and what I had experienced at work. Loading the stretches, the actual equipment was the same, the same jump bags, the stretchers were the same. Everything that I did at APC set me up as a winner down here in Sydney, because I had already had that hands-on experience utilizing it.”

We’re so thrilled to hear about Tamara success with industry employment and entry into university to become a paramedic, and were especially proud of how well her Diploma course had prepared her for the real world of health care because it’s exactly why we do what we do.

In Tamara words, “you’re coming out armed with the certificate that you need to get the job and the skills that are required to perform it.”

Go get those lights and sirens, Tamara!


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