Meet Teddi – APC’s Newest Recruit 🐶

Teddi – APC’s Newest Recruit 🐶


Say hello to the newest and cutest member of APC – our resident puppy Teddi 🐶 !

She is responsible for cuddles and keeping up the team moral throughout APC !

Teddi has made secret appearances throughout some of our workshops to help boost the spirits of our aspiring paramedics 🚑 !

Teddi has even gone as far as to acquire herself an official APC staff badge 😂 !

And like the rest of us… Teddi can sometimes falls behind on busy workdays 🤤 …

However, Teddi never shies away from cheering up anyone around the office who needs it 😍 .

Having Teddi around the office has created a great atmosphere for the staff while also keeping our students stress free !

Who knows, she might even make an appearance at your next workshop 😉🐶 !

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