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Paramedics will learn through VR training


Virtual reality (VR) is implemented to train and prepare the next generation of paramedics to respond to terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

Edith Cowan University researchers have worked with Perth VR production company Virtual Guest to create a fully immersive 360 virtual reality environment which simulates mass casualty events.

The researchers are examining how the VR experience compares to traditional methods of mass casualty training, which use actors with Hollywood style make-up to simulate wounded patients.

What are the benefits of VR?

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These VR training programs provide users with a 360 degree fully immersive environment that they interact with using a headset and hand-held controls.

This will allow student Paramedics to look around the scene in every direction as if they are really there.

Preparing Paramedic’s in this sense has benefits over traditional methods, by simulating high-pressure scenarios that student paramedics are not accustomed to.

This will drill paramedics with deep rooted confidence to deal with uncommon situation that could be present to them one day.

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