Triple the number of mental health counsellors for QLD Paramedics

More counsellors on the way to support QLD Ambulance employees

Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services – The Honourable Steven Miles

The Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) is about to get its biggest staffing increase in more than 10 years; with an extra 200 new ambulance staff to be deployed across the state, including tripling the number of councellors and psychological support staff in Queensland.

“200 new ambulance staff and their wellbeing a priority”

Minister Miles said QAS health and wellbeing service Priority One will be significantly enhanced with an additional eight staff – including six counsellors.

“Our hardworking ambos face some traumatic situations, so having the best psychological support is a priority to make sure QAS supports staff to build resilience and wellbeing in the workplace.”

Across Brisbane, Queensland Ambulance Service are employing an additional 54 Ambulance Staff:

  • Metro South – 39 additional staff, including 10 Paramedics stationed at Wynnum Ambulance Station
  • Metro North – 15 additional staff, including 7 Patient Transport Officers for the Caboolture and Chermside areas.

“We’ve seen demand for ambulance services continue to increase across our state,” Minister Miles said.

$885.7 million funding boost

“That’s why we’re investing a record $885.7 million in the 2019/20 QAS budget which includes a funding boost of $85.4 million – or an increase of 10.7 per cent on last year, means extra staff can be deployed.
“The extra 54 ambulance staff in Brisbane includes more paramedics, emergency medical dispatchers and patients transport officers, to help locals when we need it most.”

Member for Lytton Joan Pease said her local station, Wynnum Ambulance Station, was receiving a massive boost to staff.

“Wynnum station is getting 10 extra Ambulance Officers to keep up with demand in the bayside area,” she said.

“These extra paramedics will ensure QAS continues to help people in our community in their time of need.”

“It’s a huge increase to staff that will provide a significant service to our community and the whole south Brisbane region.

Minister Miles said a key component of the extra 200 FTE new staff included 20 supervisor positions across Queensland.

“These leadership positions are vital in ensuring stations and staff are performing at their best and strategic resourcing decisions are being made to benefit patients,” Minister Miles said.

“The first point of call when people ring Triple Zero (000) – Operations Centres – don’t miss out either – we’re delivering 16 additional staff to these important facilities across the state.

“This is further proof of the Government’s commitment to deliver first-class pre-hospital care to the community.”

QAS Commissioner Russell Bowles said the additional staff will go a long way to helping the Service keep pace with increasing demand across the state.

“We’ve strategically placed these additional staff to regions and positions that will enhance our response capabilities and relieve workloads in the busiest areas,” Commissioner Bowles said.

“Our paramedics, coupled with our emergency medical dispatchers and patient transport officers, are a vital part of their communities and their work greatly contributes to the health and wellbeing of Queenslanders.

“We look forward to welcoming our new staff members to the QAS.”

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