WA shark attack victim owes his life to off-duty paramedic

WA SURFER Sean Pollard, 23, owes his life to a female volunteer St John Ambulance paramedic who acted quickly and used beach towels to stem the blood flow after the shark inflicted horrific wounds to both Sean’s arms.

A man who also helped rescue the injured surfer after a shark tore off his hand and part of his other arm says the young footballer may not have lived if it had not been for the off-duty paramedic who was on the beach, the right place – the right time.

Bunbury man Sean Pollard remains in a stable condition at Royal Perth Hospital after the attack yesterday morning near Wylie Bay at Kelpids Beach, about six kilometres east of Esperance, in Western Australia’s south.

A man identified only as Robbie was at the beach when Mr Pollard collapsed about 20 metres from the shore and two men dragged him on to land.

Robbie said, if it had not been for an off-duty paramedic at the beach who helped stem the bleeding, Mr Pollard may not have survived.

“He was really unlucky but he was really lucky to have had the help he had when he got to the beach by those three people — the two guys that pulled him out and then helped dress his wounds, and the paramedic on the beach, you couldn’t give her enough props really,” he said.

Esperance Police Senior Sergeant Richard Moore said the assistance of the female Paramedic in the initial few minutes after the attack, was “vital” to Mr Pollard’s survival.

Having that paramedic there, I believe, saved his life,” Senior Sergeant Moore said.

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