What is a Paramedical College?

Discussion and patient condition overview
Discussion and patient condition overview

A paramedical college is an institution of higher learning that provides organised training courses for paramedics. The colleges vary in terms of the programs offered, just as the requirements for becoming a paramedic vary from country to country and often from state to state.

Paramedical College Training in Australia

In Australia, the term paramedic was not legally defined at the time of this writing. A great deal of effort has been made by professional organisations to standardise the training required to be referred to as a paramedic.

In the past, many paramedics earned their diploma through in-service training. In-service training is slowly being phased out in most states. Victoria and South Australia have completely phased out in-service education. A limited amount of post-employment training is provided in other states. However,  as the number of graduates from paramedic colleges increases enough to meet the demand for paramedics throughout the country, those programs will also be phased out.

More and more ambulance companies and other emergency medicine providers are requiring certifications. In some cases, a Bachelor’s Degree in Paramedic Science is required to be considered for employment. State ambulance services are all moving in this direction and it is expected that private industry will eventually require a degree as a minimum standard for paramedics.

The Australian Paramedical College

The Australian Paramedical College is one of the few institutions specialising in paramedic training. The courses offered by the college are constantly reviewed by national training authorities and have gained accreditation from the relevant authorities. Many of the credit hours taken at the institution can be transferred to CQ University Australia where it is possible to complete the Bachelor of Paramedic Science Degree.

APC has a partnership agreement with Industry Pathways. The partnership allows the college to offer post-training job support and assist graduates in their search for employment. The assistance offered includes help with resume writing and with finding jobs. The program is the first of its kind in the industry.

The certificates and diplomas available through the Australian Paramedical College include:

The Certificate IV is the basic level for pre-hospital emergency care and has become the minimum requirement for all paramedics who provide medical care. The Diploma of Paramedical Science is required by some state ambulance services for all drivers and paramedics.

If you are interested in attending a paramedical college, take the time to compare the course offerings and post-training assistance.

You may find that the Australian Paramedical College is the right choice for you.

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