Paramedic Careers

Queensland Ambulance Service Paramedic Pathways

Once the Queensland Ambulance Service paramedic eligibility requirements have been meet, your next step is deciding which pathway you can take to become a paramedic with the Queensland Ambulance Service. That brings us to the (B) in becoming a paramedic with the Queensland Ambulance Service. Read More

Paramedic QLD Employment and Salary Expectations

Paramedic QLD Employment and Salary Expectations The Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) is one of the world’s largest ambulance services in the world today. That means many paramedic QLD opportunities exist to service over 4 million people in an area covering almost 1.8 million square kilometres. Paramedic QLD estimates that 2,780 paramedics are currently employed by the QAS stationed in over 260 response centres state-wide. These simple facts indicate the growing need of paramedic QLD services and the importance of recruiting more paramedics in the coming years. Currently, the QAS offers two categories of employment for qualified paramedics: Permanent Full-time and Casual employment. Advanced Care Paramedics and Intensive Care Paramedics are the most common positions held within the Queensland Ambulance Service. Paramedic QLD does acknowledge that there may be slight variations depending on specific situations and locations. Read More

More Advantages of Becoming a Paramedic

The Australian Paramedical College: Your Pathway to Becoming a Paramedic Are you are looking for a career that is a break from the ordinary? Do you have a desire to escape the mundane of mediocre 9 to 5 job? Becoming a paramedic may just be the change you are looking for. Call the Australian Paramedical college today on (07) 5562 2212 to speak with a Paramedic Career and Training Advisor about becoming a paramedic. Read More

The Expanding Scope of a Qualified Paramedic

Become a "Specialised" Qualified Paramedic There are two main areas of specialisation that you may want to consider after becoming a fully qualified paramedic in Australia. In most cases they require further education and training, along with proven experience as a practicing paramedic. Read More

The role of Intensive Care Paramedics in Australia

What are Intensive Care Paramedics? Intensive Care Paramedics or Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance Paramedics are commonly referred to as IC or MICA Paramedics, these highly skilled emergency medical professionals are trained to perform advanced medical procedures that go well beyond that general scope of practice of most paramedics. Often thrust into situations that require extremely complex life-saving procedures, IC and MICA paramedics possess the superior training and expertise to perform such procedures with precision. In many ways they are the ‘Navy Seals’ of the medical profession – highly trained and very experienced. Read More

How to Become an Ambulance Paramedic?

An ambulance paramedic is more than just first responder. They are the critical link between life and death whenever a medical crisis strikes. It is essential that a fully qualified senior ambulance paramedic has extensive experience in emergency care and the highest training in all forms of paramedicine disciplines. Read More

Can You Become a Paramedic Without a Bachelor’s Degree?

One of the biggest questions people are asking today in the paramedic field is whether you can become a paramedic without a bachelor degree? The truth is that there are many paramedic careers and roles in the community that don't require a bachelor degree. There are several paramedic courses designed to provide the quality training needed to fulfill these roles. This training is provided by some of the industries most experienced paramedic trainers, all while sparing the student a massive university debt that will take them years (sometimes decades) to pay off. Read More

The Top Paramedical Pathway Courses to Launch Your Career

The Top Paramedic Courses to Launch Your Paramedic Career If you are thinking about enrolling in one of the many paramedic courses at the Australian Paramedical College then there are a few things you should consider. When disaster strikes, Australians rely on the bravery and skill of our highly trained paramedics. In the event of an emergency, it is graduates from the Australian Paramedical College (APC) that are first to the scene with life-saving medical treatment on hand. Our paramedic courses don’t just train you to become a nationally qualified paramedic; we pride ourselves in preparing you to become Australia’s finest paramedics. Read More

The Different Paramedic Vehicles

The Different Paramedic Vehicles When most people think of becoming a paramedic they imagine riding in the back of a stretcher ambulance, the paramedic vehicles commonly used by hospitals. Whilst this is true for many paramedics, paramedic vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. This is what makes becoming a paramedic so exciting to so many people. They are able to utilise their skills and passion for providing life-saving medical treatment, all while operating such a wide range of paramedic vehicles. Read More

Bachelor Paramedic Course Completion Rate on the Increase

Bachelor Paramedic Course Completion Rate on the Increase Recent statistics gathered from the 2011 Census in Australia has revealed a significant jump in paramedics that have completed a Bachelor degree paramedic course. While job experience, a strong work ethic and the right personal qualities are crucial to job security as a paramedic. It is also clear that you can further your paramedic career by enrolling in a paramedic course, setting you apart from others in your field. Read More

Ambulance Paramedic Course

Ambulance Paramedic Course Completing an ambulance paramedic course is the first step to embarking on a secure well-paid career full of action and immense personal satisfaction. A paramedic is one of the most respected professionals in society. The first step to joining their ranks is to consider which ambulance paramedic course is suited to you. Read More