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Queensland Paramedics saves heart attack victim’s life
Queensland Paramedics saves heart attack victim’s life

Queensland paramedics Tamara Dippel and Terry Zillmann received a job from their local EMD to attend the home of a woman who had suffered a heart attack symptoms. Biloela nurse Ferna Savidge suffered heart attack symptoms in October 2014 and knew exactly what to do..dial 000. Read More

Health Minister Welcomes 22 New QLD Paramedic Jobs

Ambulance stations around the state have been boosted by the placement of 22 New QLD paramedic jobs. Announced in January, the Health Minister for Queensland, Lawrence Springboard, welcomed the 22 Advanced Paramedics into the Queensland Ambulance Service. Mr. Springboard hailed the occasion as further proof that… “The Newman Government is committed to delivering the best possible ambulance service focused on patient care”. The new QLD paramedic jobs are just another reason for the Queensland Ambulance Service to be regarded as a world leader in emergency paramedic care. In addition to the new QLD paramedic jobs, the current liberal government has already delivered an additional 120 paramedics over and above attrition rates and invested $51 million this financial year to deliver 155 paramedic vehicles and 11 new and replacement ambulance stations. Read More

Woman Overcomes Family Tragedies To Become a Paramedic in QLD

Woman Overcomes Family Tragedies To Become a Paramedic in QLD There are many motivating reasons to become a paramedic in QLD, none nobler than the desire to help others in need. Many are drawn to the dynamic work environment and the opportunity to put medical expertise to use in challenging situations. In Rebekah’s case, tragedy and triumph has driven her new dream to become a paramedic in QLD. On Easter Friday in 2010, Rebekah was dropping her sister home after a family get-together. In a tragic turn of events, her sister (who had been drinking at the time) grabbed on to the back of the Ute and was pulled underneath the vehicle, sustaining serious injuries. Moments later, an intensive care paramedic, who just happened to be on call, rushed to the scene and was able to perform a life-saving procedure to keep her sister alive. Despite having to learn to talk and walk all over again, her sister has been able to make a full recovery – thanks to the second chance given to her by the QLD paramedic. At the time, Rebekah was certain she had lost her sister, but now as she looks back, she uses the experience to inspire her to pursue a career as a paramedic, giving others the same opportunity for a second chance at life. Read More

The New Disturbing Danger Associated with Becoming a Paramedic in NSW

Danger is Part and Parcel of Becoming a Paramedic in NSW No one could have guessed that one of the greatest threats involved in becoming a paramedic in NSW would come from the patients they are treating. An alarming new report has revealed that in 2014 alone there have been 35 reported attacks on 47 paramedics – most coming from their patients. Every paramedic is aware of the many dangerous situations that they will inevitably find themselves in when attending to emergencies of all kinds. Paramedics are trained to respond with courage and compassion, even when there is a danger or risk associated with providing the medical care that their patients need. Many would say that personal risk and danger is part and parcel of becoming a paramedic in NSW. Recent events, however, have raised the alarm within this highly respected emergency medical industry. Within the space of 24 hours 3 paramedics were allegedly assaulted while trying to carry out their duties. Read More

Paramedic Training Uses Simulated Crash Scenes

Paramedic Training Incorporates Simulated Learning In a number of institutions simulated crashes and accident scenes are being employed by instructors to enhance the paramedic training experience. Such advanced learning mechanisms are a great way to produce highly skilled, confident and experienced paramedic course graduates. When it comes to providing the best possible paramedic training there is nothing quite like the use of simulated learning. Students can certainly gain great knowledge and understanding in the classroom. However, their paramedic training is really put to the test when they are placed in real life situations and required to perform their newly learnt skills. Read More

Paramedic Training: Counter-Terrorism Paramedics at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

The US Takes Paramedic Training Into Their Own Hands The United States, however, has decided to take some security and paramedic measures into their own hands. The firm Global Rescue has been contracted by the US Olympic committee to provide an extra layer of security support and paramedic training to protect the 230 US athletes and their family members. The majority of the personnel that has been deployed to the Sochi Winter Olympic Games possess advanced paramedic training. Their paramedic training is complimented by extensive military experience or involvement in special operations. In some cases they are trained paramedics with counter-terrorism training and experience. Essentially, the United States has deployed counter-terrorism paramedics and service to Sochi to provide critical emergency medical care and evacuation in the event of a terrorist attack. This highlights the growing need for paramedics and advanced paramedic training in areas such as counter-terrorism. Not only is there US personnel with counter-terrorism paramedic training on the ground in Sochi, but they also have a network or aircraft on stand-by to evacuate the injured and all US citizens should the Winter Olympics become a target for terrorist activity. Read More

Become a Paramedic at the Winter Olympics: Training and Common Injuries

Do you know what kind of training is required to become a paramedic to the elite athletes that compete at the Winter Olympic Games? At any Olympic Games there would be hundreds of experienced paramedics employed but the host country or the International Olympic Committee (IOC). This would ensure the safest possible Games experience and adequate medical and emergency staff available to take care of both athletes and spectators alike. Read More

Become a Paramedic at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to become a paramedic at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics? You don’t just have to be a spectator or elite athlete to experience the thrill and excitement of the Winter Olympics, there are many work opportunities created at these kinds of events that enable you to get paid to attend. It would seem that you would need to be among the best in the world to become a paramedic at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. After all, they are treating extremely high profile athletes in some of the most challenging circumstances. While this may be true for those that are often seen on the TV screen, it is not an accurate depiction of everyone’s training and experience required to become a paramedic in the Winter Olympics Read More

QLD Paramedics Needed on Fraser Island

For many it may come as a surprise that the Queensland Ambulance Service is the fourth largest of its kind in the world. They have the overwhelming task of providing quality emergency medical treatment across 1.8 million square kilometres. QLD paramedics are truly the unsung heroes of the state and there is no better time than now to join their ranks. Would you like to know more about becoming a QLD paramedic and meeting the needs of communities like Fraser Island? If you have questions or you are interested in speaking with a paramedic course advisor, call the Australian Paramedical College today on (07) 5562 2212. We would love to help you join the amazing team of QLD paramedics that service the great state of Queensland. Read More