VET Study Assist Program


Paying for your paramedical training course.

We believe becoming a paramedic or deciding to undertake paramedical studies should not be exclusive and should be within the reach of ordinary people. No matter what your personal circumstances, education should always be within your reach.

Adult education in Australia is by no means free, there is a price to pay for your personal growth by way of educating yourself to achieve the things in life you want to achieve. Life can be competitive on so many levels; this is why you need to have the mindset where no matter what it takes or how much it costs, you will do everything you can to get there.

It can be challenging to find the money to educate yourself that’s for sure and not everyone has the finances to get started. This is why the government introduced the student loan system.

VET student loan.

There has been a lot said about the Australian government’s VET STUDENT LOAN scheme (formerly known as VET FEE HELP) that allows approved students to access training today and pay later when they start to earn an income.

Whilst this is an appealing option for many, there are fees and conditions attached.

  • A 20% government loan fee is automatically added to your course fees
  • The payback time frames are also appealing because the loan repayment can remain in limbo the borrower earns around $40,000 per annum.
  • Loan repayments are made through the Australian Tax Office
  • Interest rates start at around 4% per annum, yet they increase as your salary rises.
  • It’s not uncommon for a 12,000 loan to blow out to $15000+

Example loan repayments for a TAFE course.

TAFE offer a course that is similar to that of the Australian Paramedical College for $10,800.

Add to that a 20% government loan fee and the price instantly rockets to $12,960 – this is now the cost of the course.

This is not a grant, this is a personal loan from the Australian government that must be paid back.

  • Course Fee: $10,800
  • Loan fee: 20%
  • Total fee: $12,960
  • Payback trigger: $54,000+
  • Interest rate: 4%

Student loans.

The Australian Paramedical College does not offer VET STUDENT LOANS. Instead the College has developed a financial solution to assist students who do not qualify for a government loan.

Unlike a government loan, the APC Student Loan process is by way of a payment plan and is designed to allow students to take full control of their financial obligations whist studying. The outcome is to complete the training knowing there will be no, or very little of the loan left to pay back.

The benefits of a payment plan.

  • Start studying straight away
  • Take advantage of a low interest rate
  • Pay back your loan before your course finishes
  • Gain a credit rating/score
  • No loan fees or hidden costs
  • Pay off your loan earlier with no penalties
  • No long forms to fill out
  • Choose the repayment terms that you feel comfortable with