Unit: HLTAMBFC301D – Communicate with clients and colleagues to support health care

See below for a brief overview of what’s involved and how to study this unit.

What is the HLTAMBFC301D?

This unit covers the skills required to exercise effective communication skills with clients and colleagues to support the delivery of client care services within the health industry.

What is this unit about?

This unit is about understanding Therapeutic Communications in the workplace. You will learn how to effectively communicate whilst performing your tasks as a medical, emergency response professional.

What is inside this unit?

This unit contains a number of important elements to enhance your current communications skills. You will learn how to, exercise effective communication techniques, convey and receive information using available modes of communication,follow routine instructions, communicate with clients, complete reports as required and present a positive image of the organisation to the public.

How do I work through this unit?

The unit contains the learning material which is in the form of a PDF document that can be downloaded to your computer. Everything you need to know is contained in the learning material we give you access to. There are no other requirements. This make your learning much easier and more intuitive.

How do I complete the assessments?

All you have to do is read through each chapter of the learning material then complete the related questions.

How are my assessments submitted for marking?

For students who are studying via correspondence, your assessment can be downloaded,completed then uploaded via a link which we will share with you. If you have chosen the online learning option, you will be able to complete the questions on our training website.

What happens when I finish all of my assessments?

When you finish your assessment. One of the trainers will contact to you to discuss your assessment score. Students who have reached the required grade will be awarded a statement of completion certificate.

What’s next?

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Study via correspondence

Download the learning material and assessment. You can print the documents and study offline.
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Study online

Start your online study here.