Advanced Diploma of Paramedical Science Member

Advanced Diploma of Paramedical Science Member
Hello [wp_eMember_first_name], welcome to the Advanced Diploma – you’re well on your way to becoming a paramedic – congratulations.
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You may have read all of the following information before [wp_eMember_first_name], , but it’s worth repeating it here once again. At the Advanced Diploma level you must be working in the pre-hospital care industry and being supervised by a higher level paramedic to complete the practical requirements this course.
This document should be read in conjunction with the Protocols, Procedures and Pharmacology (available on the ‘Essential Reading Material’ menu link on the right).
The CPPPAM provides a snap shot of what knowledge and skills you should have for each/level or unit of training.
You can get the ‘knowledge and skill sets’ signed off in the workplace and at your practical training sessions. If you have previous experience, you may include this (mention this to the trainer).
It often a critical aspect for evidence of competency with a particular skill that you demonstrate your consistency in applying the skills over time.
The CPPPAM has several checkboxes that can be initialed and dated by your supervisor each time you preform that skill. Hand your supervisor a copy of the Protocols Procedures and Pharmacology, this will allow them to assess your performance against the standard. They can then initial the check boxes and sign at the end of the document.
If you have a comparable alternative system of skills and knowledge review in your workplace, please discuss this with your trainer to determine an acceptable equivalency.
[tab_item title=”Paramedical Practical Course Information”]As you are aware a requirement of completing your Advanced Diploma qualification is to attend a two week practical course. Please refer to the right hand side menu links for all information relating to your practical course.[/tab_item]
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